Making bankers look good

05 Mar 2012

Sup frylock? What’s crackalackin? Don’t even think about not saying hi. It turns out that we’ve got to practise complicated handshakes and learn all sorts of fake street stuff, because Businessweek has found out about “Brogrammers”, who apparently “bring frat-house ethos to engineers’ geeky coding world”. 

It tells of Danilo Stern-Sapad, who “writes code for a living, but don’t call him a geek. He wears sunglasses and blasts 2Pac while programming. He enjoys playing Battle Shots – like the board game Battleship with liquor – at the office.” 

You’d might want to give him a wide berth, but apparently he’s very much demanded by idiots with money. 

“We got invited to a party in Malibu where there were naked women in the hot tub,” he told the magazine, bless him. “We’re the cool programmers.” Uncurl your toes: now that the press have decided that bankers are undeserving of admiration, we need a new group of arrogant, overpaid young people to hate, and it might as well be you. 

Repeat these suggested goodbyes after us: Hold the fort down, will ya? Bye-sexual! Adidas amigo!

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