Pearls of wisdom from HP

24 Jan 2012

Reader Ian Thompson has found some excellent advice for SMB owners this week from HP, “How to stop working and go home”.

The advice runs to 837 words, which might suggest that one of the things keeping you at work is reading overlong articles on the interweb. Ian has also found some other gems of insight from HP, including “6 tips to get your Facebook posts seen in newsfeeds”, which he suggests could be shortened to “Sign up to Facebook” and “Add some friends”. If all this is too technical, his final recommendation (“Break out the crayons” he advises) is HP’s advice on “How to Organize Your Inbox with Color”.

Does anyone else need HP’s business advice – tying shoes, using a fork, how to know if you’re sexually harassing an event hostess – that sort of thing? You suggest it to us, we’ll suggest it to them.

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