Is Assad a Mac or a PC?

16 Nov 2011

We’ve been looking for a way that Backbytes can get more in touch with world affairs. When future humour columnists ask us what we did in the global meltdown of 2011, we’ll say we spent most of it making jokes about satnavs, and they will turn their faces away.

Just in time, a star-struck hack Andrew Gilligan has profiled Syria’s president Assad in The Telegraph: “A former president of the Syrian Computer Society, he sometimes explained things in computer terms,” he chortles. “Comparing Syria’s leadership with that of a Western country, he said, was like comparing a Mac with a PC. ‘Both computers do the same job, but they don’t understand each other,’ he said. ‘You need to translate’.”

Actually, as anyone who uses a computer can point out, you don’t. Gilligan didn’t ask whether Apple or Microsoft was playing the part of the Syrian security forces, and therefore which company he sees as more likely to commit what Human Rights Watch is calling “Crimes against humanity”.

Maybe the Syrian embassy could let us know which company they identify with. Or you’re welcome to make a suggestion.

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