Smartphone, dumb owner

16 Nov 2011

The Daily Mail reports the story of “an Illinois man who called 911 five times for help with a busted iPhone”, and ended up in jail.

Michael Alan Skopec, 48, is one angry bird: he would not tell the officers what was wrong with his phone, and when they visited his house, “they found Skopec intoxicated and uncooperative”. So they hauled him into jail for the night instead for obstructing a police officer.

“It is unclear how he contacted emergency dispatchers if his iPhone was broken,” the report concludes.

We note two things: on one hand, he’s lucky he’s not in Syria. On the other, it does seem he has hit on a quick way to get a tech support callout. Most terms-of-service specify that you can’t even get arrested in less than eight hours.

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