Play it again, Dean (or not)

24 May 2011

We asked for requests for Dean Stockdale, the pianist who has landed a job playing the piano at the Savoy when he’s not working in the IT department at Darlington College. Your replies, for which we are of course grateful, show how awful your taste in music is, but some are appropriate.
Ian Thompson recommends “cloudbusting” by Kate Bush, and decides that the Police’s “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” sounds like a tribute to the modem.

Ian Park requests “Walking in a Windows Wonderland” and “Send in the Clouds”, as well as the Elkie Brooks classic “Pearl’s a Language”.

Our favourite this week, from Mark Young, is the rousing Clash classic “Lock the Taskbar”, which you will now be humming all day.

Keith Swinford points out that if you want to order a cocktail, it’s got to be a Dataquiri. Try it, and watch the waiter crease with mirth when you explain the pun to him.

Any more song titles? We could organise a Backbytes evening out: Dean will be charmed to see us.

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Play it Again

It's a generational thing, but the first song that came to my mind was "Mac the Knife"...

Posted by: Marc Faulkner  01 Jun 2011