Wood you believe it?

19 Apr 2011

Meanwhile, at Stanford University, subjects who were immersed in a 3D virtual forest and told to chop down a sequoia later used less paper in their everyday lives.

“We found that virtual reality can change how people behave,” said Sun Joo Ahn, whose doctoral dissertation outlines the findings. Of course, this applies to learning lessons about saving the planet, which is nice, and in no way applies to shooting people or driving very fast in virtual reality, which the games industry has been telling us for years has no effect on behaviour.

So someone must be wrong.

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Carbon Reduction?

Surely, as in your article: 'Wood you believe it' if more trees were grown (physical not virtual) to extract carbon from the atmosphere which eventually ends up as paper, we could solve global warming at a stroke - unless of course everyone burns this excess of paper to keep warm instead of heating oil!

Posted by: Tony  21 Apr 2011