Case Study: Enterprise Mobility at Lego

By Stuart Sumner
12 Dec 2012 View Comments

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He also discusses the recent releases from Microsoft, including its Surface tablet and new operating system Windows 8.

"I think Surface is extremely interesting and Windows 8 too. I've trialled a Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phone, it was very easy to use. I also have an iPhone 5, which is more of the same. Apple are still very good at what they do, but it is more of the same.

"It's still a good iPhone but I preferred the soft curve design of the 3GS, this one's not so nice to hold in my hand, it's more of a brick. Though of course I like bricks being where I am!"

He criticises the iPad 4 along the same lines, describing his excitement at the release of Apple's first tablet, but admits that he hasn't had the same feeling from its subsequent iPad releases which smack more of iteration than innovation.

He also has some advice for Microsoft, who is describes as "late" to the tablet space.

"Microsoft needs to do what Apple hasn't done for some years, they need to not iterate, but reinvent the tablet space, with integrated offerings that can perform as a tablet, and as a desktop.

"I also have question mark around Microsoft. I see Android as the main challenger to the iPhone. The [Samsung] Galaxy SIII is outperforming the iPhone in terms of sales. Apple deserves all the credit for that space, as it was invented by Apple not Samsung, but that will be a battle around iteration, the smartphone is out there now so the fight is around who iterates best with the iPhone idea, and it's much the same with the tablet battle."

Whilst he appears to be describing the recently released ‘Hybrid' or ‘Convertible' Ultrabook ranges from various Intel partners, he sounds a note of caution for manufacturers of these devices.

"These multifunctional devices don't seem to have hit the road on a high note, they're not terribly successful in what I've seen. Consumers don't seem to want them as they're not easy to handle.

"I Can think of so many devices that never made it because it tried to bridge too many things. You don't bring your phone into your laptop. But if Microsoft can make Surface as light as the iPad, and as strong as a laptop, then they do have an offering that a lot of companies will look into, but I don't think consumers will embrace it.

"But for enterprise customers, it will be an attractive proposition. I'm interested in it, as I'm getting so much heat from Lego staff asking for iPad support. Microsoft Sharepoint is the big draw."

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