Analysis: The battle for your living room

By Peter Gothard
21 Aug 2012 View Comments
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In June 2012, internet forums lit up as blurry scans of what were claimed to be two-year-old Microsoft home enter-tainment strategy abstracts appeared. Promising “all your entertainment served up from the cloud” with “hands free/heads up ambient experiences on the go”, the documents visualised a future in which the Xbox 360 console could serve as the one-stop content hub of the home, taking its data from the cloud and streaming it across Windows phones, PCs, physical input sensors like Kinect and tablets.

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Genuine or not, the documents reinforced what many had long suspected; that Microsoft is gearing up to blitz people’s homes with an all-consuming interconnectivity that even Apple can’t quite match.

“Microsoft is now an all-round media company, especially with Skype on board,” CTO and co-founder of Blitz Games, Andrew Oliver, told Computing.

“They clearly said; ‘Hang on, if we can control the box under your TV, and the thing in your pocket, and get it to do everything, then that’s a really powerful move’. And I think they’re trying to shift everyone’s mindset.”

But Microsoft’s not alone in thinking this. Apple is one obvious potential competitor. Though Apple TV remains the province of the really committed i-power user, it surely can’t be long until a simpler, more streamlined solution emerges from the lifestyle tech company.

“If Apple were to come out and use all their design mentality on a TV, they would just sell blindingly well,” says Oliver.

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