Autonomy’s problem? Leadership were out of their league, according to HP CEO Whitman

By Graeme Burton
25 May 2012 View Comments
Dr Mike Lynch is the founder of Autonomy

Indeed, according to HP chief financial officer Cathie Lesjak the company expects to cut 9,000 staff in the current fiscal year, with an emphasis on redundancies in the US and Europe, while hiring employees in lower-cost regions.

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According to HP though, Autonomy jobs in Cambridge are currently safe, although O'Gallagher said that he would take such assurances with a "pinch of salt". He added: "They [HP] have given the Cambridge press more information than they've given the trade unions."

On the record, Whitman remains confident about Autonomy's future.

"It may take us a couple of quarters to work through some of the growing pains of the organisation. But I think this was a very smart acquisition. I feel great about the product. We have absolutely hit one of the themes that is changing most in the technology business. The opportunity around big data and analytics is fantastic, and it can flow right across all of our businesses," said Whitman.

Lynch, meanwhile, will no doubt be planning his next move – and that could be in big data, too. Lynch will have little incentive to sign a non-compete clause in exchange for a large wedge of cash – having been given more than enough by HP last autumn.

His "friends", meanwhile, speaking to the press have implied that he won't be going home to feed his Koi carp and spend the rest of his life playing with his model trains. "He's not going away. He still has entrepreneurial ambitions," one told The Guardian.

Indeed, Autonomy was not Lynch's first company start-up and it will almost certainly not be his last.

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