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15 Aug 1997 View Comments
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The salary survey we printed back in May identified the most popular makes of company car as offered to sales men and women in the IT business.

We asked the motor manufacturers what they would expect fleet managers to be shopping for this summer - the results are detailed on these pages.

For the most part they focus on what you might call the upper middle-classes.

Several would propose different ranges for senior executives: the 7 Series at BMW, for example, and Mercedes Benz S-class.

And if you're one of the growing band of user/choosers, you should be able to look further afield again. But either way, make the most of it: this August may be the last to see the annual spending spree on new cars because the powers that be appear to have come out in favour of two changes a year.

Audi A6

Engine 1.8l to 2.8l V6

Top speed 135-147 mph

Acceleration (0-62 mph) 9.4-8.1 secs

Economy 28.8-34.4 mpg (combined urban and extra-urban figures)

Price From u22,565

Extras Climate control with compensation for the sun on different sides of the car


3 Series

Engine na

Top speed 113-143

Acceleration (0-62) 316i 12.7

Economy 316i 35.0 (combined urban and extra-urban figures)

Price From 16,775

Extras Tracker 24-hour monitoring for u434 plus u90 a year; gives an insurance discount of about 10%

5 Series

Engine 2.0l-4.4l (3.5l V8 from September)

Top speed To 146

Acceleration (0-62) 528i 7.5

Economy 528i 32.8 (combined urban and extra urban figures)

Price From u24,165

Extras Proved safest in US crash tests; airbag to protect head in side impacts



Engine 1.6l-2.5l V6 24v

Top speed 112-140

Acceleration (0-62) 8.3-13.8

Economy 28.0-39.8 (combined)

Price From u13,765

Extras Aircon instead of sun-roof on key fleet vehicles; company car driver test drive programme; cruise control and trip computer on Ghia X



Engine 1.8l to 3.0l V6

Top speed RTi 2.0 16v 127

Acceleration (0-62) RTi 2.0 16v 9.8 secs

Economy 29.4

Price From u12,840

Extras Aircon as standard from the RT upwards


Engine 1.4l to 2.0l 16v

Top speed RXE 2.0 Classic 122

Acceleration (0-62) 9.7

Economy 31.7 (combined urban and extra-urban figures)

Price From u11,420

Extras Four cars in the range joined by the Cabriolet this summer

Mercedes Benz


Engine 1.8l 16v to 2.4l V6 18v

Top speed 118-144

Acceleration (0-62) 8.5-13.0

Economy 28.5-30.7 (combined urban and extra-urban figures)

Price From u19,990

Extras Passenger seat and child seat occupancy sensors to prevent the airbag being triggered


Engine 2.0l 16v to 3.2l V6 18v

Top speed 128-147

Acceleration (0-62) na

Economy 27.4-35.8 (combined urban and extra-urban figures)

Price From u25,545

Extras Sensors as above; aircon on E280, E320 and E300 Turbodiesel


Omega GLS

Engine 16v 2.0l

Top speed 130mph

Acceleration (0-60) 10

Economy 17.8 urban, 34 inter-urban

Price From u18,250

Extras Aircon or sun-roof option


Engine 16v 1.6-2.5l

Top speed To 143

Acceleration (0-60) 12.3

Economy 42.2

Price From u14,785

Extras From October, Trafficmaster in GLS, SRi and CDX models.

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