Analysis: How do tech giants weather economic storms?

stock market tete a tete
And where does the current economic climate leave smaller companies?
11 Aug 2011

Microsoft offers credit note for BPOS outage

25 per cent off monthly invoices for all affected customers
10 Aug 2011

Apple becomes world's most valuable company

Apple's Steve Jobs holding an iPad
Technology finally overtakes oil
10 Aug 2011

Insurance companies set to ramp up IT spend in 2012

CRM systems are likely to benefit most from increased investment
10 Aug 2011

RIM likely to hand over data to the police and government

A lawyer explains where the police stand legally in terms of accessing information from BlackBerrys
09 Aug 2011

Analysis: Business assurance scheme aims to minimise outsourcing risk

Idea is to provide a kind of due diligence one-stop shop
08 Aug 2011

Logica signs major contracts with MoD, SSE and Galileo

The service firm also announced mid-year revenue of £1.9bn
08 Aug 2011

What Next For ITIL?

05 Aug 2011

Select few see IT salary boost

Two-tier jobs market sees significant rewards for experienced and talented staff, but lack of job security for others
05 Aug 2011

Surrey County Council tech refresh has saved £70m says IT head

The head of IT at council welcomes spending cuts as an opportunity to innovate
05 Aug 2011

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud now available in UK

The service aims to give enterprises more control of their cloud apps
04 Aug 2011

Analysis: Should the ICO wield the carrot or the stick?

Fines have been levied at already strapped-for-cash councils - but is fining the right approach?
04 Aug 2011

Poor data management costs UK firms £8bn

Experian QAS research suggests that better management of data could improve the bottom line for companies by between £431,000 and £9.3m
04 Aug 2011

Analysis: Government rules out web site blocking

But last week's landmark Newzbin2 ruling suggests the judiciary favours tough action against illegal file sharing
03 Aug 2011

The IT Skills Debate - Outsourcing

Computing speaks to Martyn Hart, chairman of the National Outsourcing Association
03 Aug 2011

UK software and IT services market to shrink

TechMarketView forecasts two years of market contraction
03 Aug 2011

Parliament slams DoH's handling of NPfIT

Weak programme management at the Department of Health blamed for NPfIT's failings
03 Aug 2011

How to gear up for dynamic service delivery

Freeform Dynamics’ Andrew Buss looks at the challenges facing network architects
03 Aug 2011

Utilities turn to outsourcing to help save costs

Tech analyst Ovum suggests the sector is facing significant pressure
03 Aug 2011

McDonald's signs five-year IT support deal with Fujitsu

Fast food giant is looking for super-sized savings
02 Aug 2011

Suppliers thrive as corporate IT spending stalls

While many CIOs across all industry sectors struggle to get funding for technology upgrades, some vendors have never had it so good
02 Aug 2011

Adaptability is the key to survival in IT

02 Aug 2011

Tesco signs eight-year Microsoft deal

Tesco to deploy Microsoft products and services across 14 countries
02 Aug 2011

Sites use HTML5 to track web use

Study finds privacy issues around new web technology
02 Aug 2011