Operating systems

Apple is 'behind in software design'

iPhone screening show clock and weather apps not updating
Yves Béhar suggests hardware and software interface development needs to be more in sync
24 Sep 2012

Google blocks Acer smartphone based on Android derivative

Acer Liquid Gallant
Google threat to cut-off Acer over Aliyun phone for China
17 Sep 2012

Analysis: Apple looks to press home its advantage

Apple iPhone fighting Samsung Galaxy SIII
Speculation is rife that the iPhone maker will follow up its victory over Samsung with an all-out assault on Android
17 Sep 2012

The business benefits of open source and social technologies

Clint Oram, CTO and co-founder of SugarCRM explains how open source can adapt to fit established procurement methodologies
17 Sep 2012

Cloud Chains – Integrating beyond boundaries

13 Sep 2012

H4cked Off: Real life is putting a crimp on creative thinking

or: What Super Mario taught me about menu navigation
12 Sep 2012

Why Valve's Big Picture puts Apple on alert

Steam's arrival in the living room shows developer's vision to move beyond games
12 Sep 2012

Analysis: Is Android losing its grip on the workplace?

Recent reports suggest Android is losing ground to iOS in the corporate mobile space, but Computing research suggests there is still everything to play for
05 Sep 2012

Microsoft launches Windows Server 2012

New server operating system focuses on cloud and multiple device management, says Microsoft
04 Sep 2012

Samsung is down but not out

Has the nature of Apple’s victory sown the seeds of its eventual defeat?
03 Sep 2012

Apple and Google CEOs hold secret patent talks

Sources close to companies reveal Cook and Page have had phone calls about IP wars
31 Aug 2012

Seventy one per cent of firms provide smartphones to staff

A look at the phones and tablets provided by companies to their staff
20 Aug 2012

Microsoft rebrands Metro as 'Modern'

Modern UI is the new term Microsoft has decided will replace the now abandoned Metro name
13 Aug 2012

Microsoft dumps Metro brand

Fears over a potential legal dispute prompt software giant dump the 'Metro' branding just as Windows 8 is released to manufacturing
06 Aug 2012

Crash Podcast: Nokia, Office 2013, Windows 8 & patent disputes

Crash is the regular IT news podcast from Computing
31 Jul 2012

Microsoft admits to angering partners with Surface

Redmond-based firm concedes that Surface tablet will damage its relationship with its ecosystem
30 Jul 2012

Microsoft posts first ever quarterly loss

But software giant's share price rises
20 Jul 2012

Launch date for Windows 8 revealed

PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices with new Metro user interface to be released same day
19 Jul 2012

Microsoft is losing ground to OS rivals

11 Jul 2012

Surface will not 'diminish importance' of Windows 8 tablet partners, says Ballmer

'Diversity of solutions' is the way forward for Windows 8, according to Microsoft CEO
09 Jul 2012

Microsoft reveals four flavours of Server 2012, as well as licensing details

Enterprise and Small Business are gone, but what remains is 'simpler' says company
06 Jul 2012

Analysis: Is Nokia's leadership fit for purpose?

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has presided over a precipitous decline in revenues at the mobile technology company. Now, some are saying that he should go - and take the rest of the board with him
03 Jul 2012

Google to take on Apple and Microsoft with own-brand tablet

Quad core devices will cost $199/£199
26 Jun 2012

Microsoft OS advice: Migrate to Windows 8... no, 7

Mixed messages emerge from Microsoft over OS upgrades. What are the pros and cons?
13 Jun 2012