Office software

Microsoft’s life beyond Windows

Satya Nadella the new CEO of Microsoft
Open sourcing .NET, embracing the iPad and making Azure a platform for the ages. Has Microsoft finally got itself sorted?
19 Nov 2014

Microsoft and Dropbox to offer Dropbox integration with Office365 – starting with Apple iOS and Android, not Windows Phone

Dropbox Pro now features extra security
Deal represents shift at Microsoft to provide more integration with third-party cloud services
05 Nov 2014

Build gives Windows developers reasons to be cheerful

The developer conference brought us open-sourced languages, Windows going free, and apps to span all Microsoft platforms. Has the software giant finally got its mojo back, asks Peter Gothard
08 Apr 2014

How Allianz insures against data mishaps

Peter Gothard reports on how Allianz Insurance Ireland is using software to minimise the risk of data breaches occurring as a result of human error
25 Feb 2014

Government wants to drop Microsoft Office for open source alternatives

Francis Maude says switch will result in cost savings and better collaboration
29 Jan 2014

International Airlines Group adopts Microsoft Office 365

Group comprising British Airways and Iberia selects Microsoft tools to aid collaboration between its 58,000 staff
07 Aug 2013

Dropbox reaches 175 million users and sets sights on Apple's iCloud

Cloud storage firm looking for full cross-platform integration for file storage
10 Jul 2013

Microsoft claims one million Office 365 Home Premium subscribers

One million home users subscribe to Office out of 20 million total sales since January
30 May 2013

Office 365 and Google Apps fight for supremacy

Microsoft would be unwise to drop its offline version of Office just yet
28 May 2013

Telefónica moves to Microsoft 365

Yammer and Lync contributed to 'straight forward choice' says group CIO
16 May 2013

Microsoft U-turns over non-transferable Office 2013 licence

Microsoft says that customers can transfer their Office 2013 licences to other PCs after all
06 Mar 2013

30 per cent of businesses that use counterfeit software are infected by malware

Counterfeit software is a cash cow for organised criminals, warns Microsoft
06 Mar 2013

Microsoft refreshes Office 365 for business

Analysts warn of vendor lock-in with latest update
27 Feb 2013

Data now safer in the cloud than in-house, says Mazars chief

Google and Microsoft solutions particularly desirable, says infrastructure manager Jayson Dudley
13 Feb 2013

Windows 8 creator Steven Sinofsky resigns from Microsoft

Sinofsky replaced by the creator of the Microsoft Office 'ribbon' interface...
13 Nov 2012

LinkedIn announces full Office 2013 integration

Enterprise social network joins YouTube, Facebook, Flickr with built-in support
26 Jul 2012

Microsoft job ad suggests Office 2013 for Mac and iOS is in the pipeline

Microsoft looking for a new test engineer to 'be part of Microsoft's next move on the Mac and on iOS'
24 Jul 2012

Apps for Office makes Office 2013 unique, claims Microsoft

VBA upgrade steals the show in new Office enterprise reveal
17 Jul 2012

Microsoft Office 2013 announced; focus on multiple devices, cloud

Office to be seen "as a service" says Ballmer
16 Jul 2012

Microsoft to unveil updated Office software suite

Lync, Exchange and SharePoint updates also expected
16 Jul 2012

Microsoft reveals four flavours of Server 2012, as well as licensing details

Enterprise and Small Business are gone, but what remains is 'simpler' says company
06 Jul 2012

Google's Nexus 7: where will it fit in a maturing tablet market?

Underpowered but competitively priced, Google's early bird could yet get the worm
28 Jun 2012

Analysis: decision time for desktops

With the release of Windows 8 imminent - and support for Windows XP being withdrawn in 2014 - organisations are facing some crucial desktop decisions
20 Jun 2012

Microsoft Surface: insanely brilliant or a suicidal folly?

Will Microsoft's new tablet conquer the market, or kill the company's OEM relationships stone dead?
19 Jun 2012