Linux promises end to licensing headaches

A programme from the Linux Foundation helps organsations to comply with licensing law
10 Aug 2010

Movie and tech firms team up for solution to illegal file sharing

New service to end consumers' headaches of not being able to watch owned content on multiple devices
20 Jul 2010

ACS demands cash from alleged file sharers

Consumer groups label the practice a bullying tactic
16 Jul 2010

DoH will not renew Microsoft deal

Microsoft loses one of its biggest customers as the Department of Health ends contract
16 Jul 2010

Pink Floyd manager calls for copyright law overhaul

Manager of Pink Floyd argues for a music 'tax'
14 Jul 2010 sues Microsoft for alleged patent violations says Microsoft infringes five of its patents in its programs
28 Jun 2010

Legal issues surrounding virtualisation

Jon Fell and Mhairi Mival of international law firm Pinsent Masons discuss the legal and regulatory issues that virtualisation can often create
22 Jun 2010

Choosing the right virtualisation technology

Desktop and application virtualisation technologies come in a variety of forms. Martin Courtney looks at the relative strengths and weaknesses of each approach
22 Jun 2010

Sharp practices take the shine off SaaS

Experts are questioning the value of the software-as-a-service model to user organisations and its long-term viability for providers
22 Jun 2010

MEPs back private use copies

European Legal Committee urges more action on single digital market
02 Jun 2010

Cloud revenue model is hard for suppliers to manage

Profound changes to revenue cycle, as well as billing and compliance processes, create problems
25 May 2010

Software liability settlement breaks new ground

Minor court case will have big repercussions for software vendors as experts call for code of conduct for sales and marketing staff
21 May 2010

European Patent Office rules on software

Decision ends debate on business method and establishes most recent precedent
13 May 2010

Export controls and the CIO

IT leaders overseeing projects that involve the transfer of data across national borders cannot afford to ignore the issue of export controls
11 May 2010

ACTA draft finally released to the public

EU satisfied that it is in line with current legislation
21 Apr 2010

Enterprises to get Office 2010 on 27 April

Office 2010 team releases code to manufacturing
19 Apr 2010

The challenge of protecting digital copyright

As the Digital Economy Act comes into force, Mark Weston of law firm Matthew Arnold & Baldwin analyses the weaknesses in UK copyright laws and asks whether they are out of date
15 Apr 2010

Lawyers quit litigation against alleged file-sharers

Consumer campaigns have persuaded all but one UK law firm to cease and desist
14 Apr 2010

Industries should co-operate on illegal file sharing

We can minimise the need for the Digital Economy Act by working more closely
14 Apr 2010

CA to cut 1,000 jobs

Software vendor wants to become "leaner and more efficient"
07 Apr 2010

TalkTalk CIO condemns Digital Economy Bill

Government legislation just doesn't work, says Cooper
06 Apr 2010

Co-op cuts Microsoft licensing bills by £1.5m

Consolidation of SQL Server 2008 cuts license costs
26 Mar 2010

EU anti-trust team to investigate IBM

French start-up, TurboHercules, accused of patent infringement by Big Blue
23 Mar 2010

Copyright legislation will cost ISPs up to £500m

Government plans to force ISPs to crackdown on copyright abuse will cost the industry between £250 million and £500 million according to an estimate published by the Department for Business.
17 Mar 2010