File-sharing case begun by ACS Law must continue

Copyright owners have 14 days to join action in controversial file-sharing case, rules judge
09 Feb 2011

'Hacked' solicitor quits pursuit of file sharers

The solicitor that sent thousands of letters accusing people of illegally sharing pornographic movies has thrown in the towel
25 Jan 2011

Office Genuine Advantage is no more

Office for Mac 2011 screen shot
Piracy programme has served its purpose, says Redmond
21 Dec 2010 unveils cloud database and free Chatter

Company makes announcements at its Dreamforce event is San Francisco
08 Dec 2010

BSA gives education consultancy £80,000 lesson

Quacquarelli Symonds has been fined for using unlicensed Microsoft and Adobe software
07 Dec 2010

FAST takes software piracy fight to the north

Anti-piracy body teams up with Trading Standards in the North West to highlight dangers of using unlicensed software
30 Nov 2010

Council cuts licensing bill by 26 per cent following review

Plymouth City Council saves £494,000 through Managed Licensed Services and Software Asset Management optimisation solutions
24 Nov 2010

Oracle case highlights IP neglect, say analysts

Court battle also illustrates how competitive and ruthless the software market is
24 Nov 2010

Location of server determines data jurisdiction, says court

UK judge said he can't rule on a case where data was being stored in another country
24 Nov 2010

Education on perils of software piracy is essential

Damage to personal systems as a result of downloaded malware is a key concern
10 Nov 2010

BSA fines East Yorkshire firm for using unlicensed software

Plas-tech Thermoforming Limited ordered to pay £11,500 for use of unlicensed Microsoft Office
03 Nov 2010

Microsoft legal team adds third-party software to SharePoint

Colligo's Contributor V4.2 enables users to store critical emails into a central repository within SharePoint
27 Oct 2010

Software asset management can cut costs by 20 per cent, says IDC

Firms must pay more attention to SAM as Scottish travel company Barrhead is hit with a BSA fine
19 Oct 2010

SAP furthers cloud strategy with NetWeaver

Strategy is enabled by its Service Orientated Architecture
14 Oct 2010

ACS Law leaks data following cyber attack

Law firm suffers denial of service attack, then loses confidental data through website administration error
27 Sep 2010

Tech Talk news 7: Analysis - virtualisation and software licensing, the pitfalls

Join Tech Talk for an overview of the week's top IT news stories. This week's debate is on software licensing. How does it work in the age of virtualisation and the cloud?
27 Sep 2010

Enterprise software revenue to exceed £150bn in 2010

Companies start spending again
20 Sep 2010

Software piracy is holding back UK recovery, says BSA

Just a 10 per cent reduction could help create 13,000 jobs, it says
16 Sep 2010

More software publishers than ever demand licence audits

FAST survey shows compliance pressure growing on IT departments
08 Sep 2010

Police search for file sharers across Europe

Raids snatch computer equipment for IP addresses
08 Sep 2010

Copyright agreement draft leaked again

ACTA workings published after Washington DC negotiating round
07 Sep 2010

UK companies sued for unlicensed software use

The Business Software Alliance has announced a £12,000 settlement following a software licence breach
24 Aug 2010

BBC defends decision to continue using Flash

Erik Huggers says Flash technology does not betray the BBC’s commitment to open standards
16 Aug 2010

Linux promises end to licensing headaches

A programme from the Linux Foundation helps organsations to comply with licensing law
10 Aug 2010