Linus Torvalds interview: 'All my daughter wanted for Christmas was a polymerase chain reaction machine'

In the final part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about the new frontiers of technology – and the 'benefits' of his own 'cult of personality'
04 Jan 2013

Microsoft to acquire home entertainment tech start-up

Start-up launched app enabling users to control home heating systems via an Android app
03 Jan 2013

Ubuntu – the mobile operating system of the future?

Ubuntu for smartphones
Canonical unveils Ubuntu for smartphones, with apps that can run on the phone or desktop
03 Jan 2013

Linus Torvalds interview: Linux and the future of computing

In the second part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about real-world Linux and looks into the future
17 Dec 2012

Analysis: when will HTML5 deliver on its promise?

It was to be the game-changing web innovation, but HTML5 remains, at best, an afterthought in most development schedules. So what's holding it back?
13 Dec 2012

Linus Torvalds interview: From VIC-20 to Raspberry Pi

In the first part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about how he got Linux off the ground, the 'marketing' of Linux and Raspberry Pi
11 Dec 2012

Windows RT app developer abandons platform after making just £52 in one week

Microsoft 'clearly do not value us at all' says disgruntled Rubicon Development
07 Dec 2012

Out of the Blue: 2013 to see radical shift in Microsoft's Windows strategy

Software giant reported to be developing a truly multi-platform version of OS that will be updated every year
05 Dec 2012

Analysis: Windows RT struggles to win admirers

The Windows RT-based Surface has sold only ‘modestly’ since its launch, while Microsoft's partners wait for the ‘full fat’ Surface Pro to appear in the new year. So is the platform’s future already in the balance?
27 Nov 2012

Survey suggests Windows 8 uptake slower than Windows 7's

Online data indicates that just one per cent of UK PC users have Win 8
27 Nov 2012

Jolla finally unveils Sailfish – a Linux-based rival to Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Sailfish offers 'usability and speed-­of-­use to a totally new level, unseen in the mobile industry'. Really?
21 Nov 2012

SAP users frustrated over complex licensing and 'licence parking'

User group suggests ‘favouritism’ may exist, despite a firm company line from UK MD Tim Noble
19 Nov 2012

Feature: ARM and Intel on collision course

Twenty years ago, ARM was little more than a small unit in now-defunct Acorn Computers. Now, the UK company is about to take on industry giant Intel
15 Nov 2012

Building a better society: an interview with LV CIO Richard Warner

Friendly society LV, one of the UK’s biggest insurers, keeps a tight rein on costs and a keen eye on the cloud, says CIO Richard Warner
14 Nov 2012

The endpoint of the future

Peter Gothard explains how current trends in hardware and software will change the way business users interact with the enterprise
14 Nov 2012

Analysis: mobile development migraine

Enterprises looking to develop mobile applications for staff, partners or customers face a number of headache-inducing challenges
13 Nov 2012

Runescape: A big data case study

Stuart Sumner dons his helmet and shield and explores the IT infrastructure that serves the 200 million beast-slaying denizens of RuneScape
13 Nov 2012

Windows 8 creator Steven Sinofsky resigns from Microsoft

Sinofsky replaced by the creator of the Microsoft Office 'ribbon' interface...
13 Nov 2012

Analysis: Tim Cook’s Apple turnover

Does the departure of two senior Apple executives signal a desire on the part of Steve Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, to make a clean break with the past
12 Nov 2012

Opinion: For better security, honesty is the best policy

The IT industry’s tendency to brush security breaches under the carpet is not doing anyone any favours, particularly users, argues Simon Bain
12 Nov 2012

Upwardly mobile: an interview with PwC's Dominique Moreau

Dominique Moreau, CIO of PricewaterhouseCoopers, talks about his plans to mobilise the accountancy giant’s workforce using iPhones and iPads, and why he thinks the jury’s still out on the benefits of big data
01 Nov 2012

Tech City dreamin’

Are the government’s dreams of building a rival to California’s Silicon Valley in the East End of London built on sand?
31 Oct 2012

H4cked off: We don't need no IT control...

Even in the era of 'open standards' and 'open computing', IT giants don't seem able to give up their megalomaniacal desire for control
30 Oct 2012

Analysis: Microsoft puts phone developers on hold

As Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8, developers of mobile apps were still waiting for the software development kit to arrive - meaning many planned new apps won’t arrive until the new year at the earliest
30 Oct 2012