Windows ‘Blue’ officially christened Windows 8.1

Windows logo
Free update will be available before Christmas, says Microsoft
15 May 2013

Wellington College compresses emails on-premise with Barracuda

Storage needs reduced by 80 per cent says IT director
15 May 2013

Teach engineers cyber security skills to protect critical national infrastructure, says IET

SMEs are at particular risk of losing IP because they don't think they are vulnerable
10 May 2013

Cloud-first policy adopted at Coca-Cola

Drinks bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises operates de facto cloud-first policy as it retires its SAP ERP suite – piece by piece
09 May 2013

Analysis: Why Hadoop is set to be the next big thing

Venture capital firms have invested over $1.2bn in Hadoop and big data start-ups. Why are they doing this and what innovations will this funding spur?
01 May 2013

SkySQL merges with MariaDB to make 'next generation' open-source database

Original MySQL team members reunited through merger
24 Apr 2013

Analysis: educating the ‘digital citizens’ of tomorrow

Computing invited a panel of education experts to give their views on how best to equip young people for tomorrow’s digital economy. Peter Gothard listened in
17 Apr 2013

Unified EU patent scheme moves a step closer

Unified Patent Court to be introduced in 2014 after Spanish and Italian objections rejected
16 Apr 2013

Nokia Entertainment: Why we went Mongo

Nokia tells Computing about the pros and cons of NoSQL database MongoDB
11 Apr 2013

Analysis: does PC performance affect productivity?

Do slow PCs also slow the minds and reduce the performance of office workers? Or would a little reduction in speed be beneficial?
03 Apr 2013

Analysis: Upstarts challenge the mobile duopoly

Canonical and Mozilla’s mobile OSs made waves at MWC, but can they generate more than a ripple of interest among enterprise smartphone users
02 Apr 2013

Google promises not to wield its patent armoury – unless attacked first

Mutually assured patent destruction to anyone that has a go first
28 Mar 2013

GCHQ launches £4.5m Cyber Research Institute

Second cyber-security research institute in six months set up by GCHQ
22 Mar 2013

Opinion: SMEs must grasp Patent Box opportunity

Firms must act now if they are to take full advantage of the tax break
21 Mar 2013

Spend less on big data collection and more on effective interpretation, says Autonomy

Stop 'pouring money into buying hardware' says Brierton
20 Mar 2013

Computing research: Web development for mobile users

The need to develop websites and apps for mobile platforms can put IT leaders back in the driving seat
20 Mar 2013

Big Data will be a game changer in fighting diseases, says AstraZeneca

Chip-on-a-pill and wearable sensors key to bespoke health care, says CTO Yochem
20 Mar 2013

BlackBerry UK MD 10 claims all's well with BB10 despite price cuts

Rob Orr says firm is determined to differentiate itself 'on the middle ground'
07 Mar 2013

Millions of NatWest customers left without access to their accounts - again

Millions of Natwest customers left without access to their accounts - again
07 Mar 2013

Ubuntu likely to struggle on the smartphone, says SugarCRM CEO

Will need to be really special to stand up to Android and iOS
06 Mar 2013

Pushing the Roundabout

With the launch on 1 April of HMRC’s tax-saving ‘Patent Box’ scheme, the government has given a clear signal that it is keen to help tech start-ups. But is there more it could do for firms at London’s Silicon Roundabout? Stuart Sumner finds out
06 Mar 2013

Ordnance Survey issues £2m tender for IT services

UK national mapping agency on the hunt for agile software development partner
21 Feb 2013

Camelot: 'There is no IT skills gap'

National Lottery operator says there is a lack of IT staff with sufficient business interest
19 Feb 2013

Facebook laptops compromised by malware

Zero-day Java exploit to blame for recent cyber security failing, says Facebook
18 Feb 2013