GCHQ launches £4.5m Cyber Research Institute

GCHQ Cheltenham
Second cyber-security research institute in six months set up by GCHQ
22 Mar 2013

Opinion: SMEs must grasp Patent Box opportunity

Firms must act now if they are to take full advantage of the tax break
21 Mar 2013

Spend less on big data collection and more on effective interpretation, says Autonomy

Autonomy logo
Stop 'pouring money into buying hardware' says Brierton
20 Mar 2013

Computing research: Web development for mobile users

The need to develop websites and apps for mobile platforms can put IT leaders back in the driving seat
20 Mar 2013

Big Data will be a game changer in fighting diseases, says AstraZeneca

Chip-on-a-pill and wearable sensors key to bespoke health care, says CTO Yochem
20 Mar 2013

BlackBerry UK MD 10 claims all's well with BB10 despite price cuts

Rob Orr says firm is determined to differentiate itself 'on the middle ground'
07 Mar 2013

Millions of NatWest customers left without access to their accounts - again

Millions of Natwest customers left without access to their accounts - again
07 Mar 2013

Ubuntu likely to struggle on the smartphone, says SugarCRM CEO

Will need to be really special to stand up to Android and iOS
06 Mar 2013

Pushing the Roundabout

With the launch on 1 April of HMRC’s tax-saving ‘Patent Box’ scheme, the government has given a clear signal that it is keen to help tech start-ups. But is there more it could do for firms at London’s Silicon Roundabout? Stuart Sumner finds out
06 Mar 2013

Ordnance Survey issues £2m tender for IT services

UK national mapping agency on the hunt for agile software development partner
21 Feb 2013

Camelot: 'There is no IT skills gap'

National Lottery operator says there is a lack of IT staff with sufficient business interest
19 Feb 2013

Facebook laptops compromised by malware

Zero-day Java exploit to blame for recent cyber security failing, says Facebook
18 Feb 2013

H4cked Off: Valve's Team Fortress 2 freebies are good news for Linux

It may sound strange, but giving players a virtual penguin could draw them to Linux in droves
18 Feb 2013

Oracle uses the power of Harry Potter to launch Google API case appeal

Java API case heading back to courts as Oracle likens copyright infringement to stealing JK Rowling's work
14 Feb 2013

Opera reaches 300 million users, drops Presto for WebKit

Browser provider drops home-grown engine in favour of that used by Apple and Google
13 Feb 2013

Microsoft needs an outsider to lead. Ballmer ‘just a numbers guy’, says ex-senior VP

Software giant should hire next CEO from Apple, Google or Facebook, says Kempin - anywhere but Microsoft
11 Feb 2013

Microsoft accuses Google of ‘invasion of privacy’ with ‘Scroogled!’ campaign

Attacks Gmail in no uncertain terms
08 Feb 2013

Google Android app development outpacing Apple iOS (and Windows Phone)

Boom in sales and development of Android apps as Google's mobile operating system catches up with Apple
06 Feb 2013

Finger on the pulse: an interview with Bupa's Yasmin Jetha

Bupa CIO Yasmin Jetha talks to Peter Gothard about private clouds, Agile development, BYOD and the expanding role of the CIO, and explains why you’ll never find a Bupa USB stick abandoned on a train
06 Feb 2013

Levelling the playing field: open source in the public sector

The government says it wants open source solutions to compete on equal terms with proprietary alternatives, but are Whitehall and local authority IT departments still slanting the pitch in favour of the big software vendors?
05 Feb 2013

Microsoft closes doors on XNA development environment

Possible attempt to bring mobile development multi-platform, says Microsoft MVP and Hull academic
05 Feb 2013

Yahoo boss formulating 'a chain reaction of growth'

CEO Marissa Mayer to focus on 'increasing usage, growing international presence and broadening demographic'
29 Jan 2013

Capgemini to recruit 100 IT apprentices in the West Midlands

Capgemini offers to pay university tuition fees of the best candidates
23 Jan 2013

Can you still find a job for life in IT?

In many companies, the IT department is melting away to be replaced by a patchwork of cloud and outsourced applications. However, demand for IT staff still remains strong - even if the roles have changed dramatically over the past 10 years
23 Jan 2013