Camelot: 'There is no IT skills gap'

A pile of lottery balls
National Lottery operator says there is a lack of IT staff with sufficient business interest
19 Feb 2013

Facebook laptops compromised by malware

Zero-day Java exploit to blame for recent cyber security failing, says Facebook
18 Feb 2013

H4cked Off: Valve's Team Fortress 2 freebies are good news for Linux

It may sound strange, but giving players a virtual penguin could draw them to Linux in droves
18 Feb 2013

Oracle uses the power of Harry Potter to launch Google API case appeal

Java API case heading back to courts as Oracle likens copyright infringement to stealing JK Rowling's work
14 Feb 2013

Opera reaches 300 million users, drops Presto for WebKit

Browser provider drops home-grown engine in favour of that used by Apple and Google
13 Feb 2013

Microsoft needs an outsider to lead. Ballmer ‘just a numbers guy’, says ex-senior VP

Software giant should hire next CEO from Apple, Google or Facebook, says Kempin - anywhere but Microsoft
11 Feb 2013

Microsoft accuses Google of ‘invasion of privacy’ with ‘Scroogled!’ campaign

Attacks Gmail in no uncertain terms
08 Feb 2013

Google Android app development outpacing Apple iOS (and Windows Phone)

Boom in sales and development of Android apps as Google's mobile operating system catches up with Apple
06 Feb 2013

Finger on the pulse: an interview with Bupa's Yasmin Jetha

Bupa CIO Yasmin Jetha talks to Peter Gothard about private clouds, Agile development, BYOD and the expanding role of the CIO, and explains why you’ll never find a Bupa USB stick abandoned on a train
06 Feb 2013

Levelling the playing field: open source in the public sector

The government says it wants open source solutions to compete on equal terms with proprietary alternatives, but are Whitehall and local authority IT departments still slanting the pitch in favour of the big software vendors?
05 Feb 2013

Microsoft closes doors on XNA development environment

Possible attempt to bring mobile development multi-platform, says Microsoft MVP and Hull academic
05 Feb 2013

Yahoo boss formulating 'a chain reaction of growth'

CEO Marissa Mayer to focus on 'increasing usage, growing international presence and broadening demographic'
29 Jan 2013

Capgemini to recruit 100 IT apprentices in the West Midlands

Capgemini offers to pay university tuition fees of the best candidates
23 Jan 2013

Can you still find a job for life in IT?

In many companies, the IT department is melting away to be replaced by a patchwork of cloud and outsourced applications. However, demand for IT staff still remains strong - even if the roles have changed dramatically over the past 10 years
23 Jan 2013

Java is a mess, says security expert

Java users urged to disable software to prevent zero-day exploit
11 Jan 2013

Software development issues partly to blame for MoD project delays

139 months of delays increased costs by £572m in the year to April 2012
10 Jan 2013

Software for US military to be subject to new legal checks

National Defense Authorization Act to introduce new software testing rules
08 Jan 2013

Google gets off lightly at FTC search manipulation hearing

But Microsoft still on warpath over lack of YouTube Windows Phone app
04 Jan 2013

Linus Torvalds interview: 'All my daughter wanted for Christmas was a polymerase chain reaction machine'

In the final part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about the new frontiers of technology – and the 'benefits' of his own 'cult of personality'
04 Jan 2013

Microsoft to acquire home entertainment tech start-up

Start-up launched app enabling users to control home heating systems via an Android app
03 Jan 2013

Ubuntu – the mobile operating system of the future?

Canonical unveils Ubuntu for smartphones, with apps that can run on the phone or desktop
03 Jan 2013

Linus Torvalds interview: Linux and the future of computing

In the second part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about real-world Linux and looks into the future
17 Dec 2012

Analysis: when will HTML5 deliver on its promise?

It was to be the game-changing web innovation, but HTML5 remains, at best, an afterthought in most development schedules. So what's holding it back?
13 Dec 2012

Linus Torvalds interview: From VIC-20 to Raspberry Pi

In the first part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about how he got Linux off the ground, the 'marketing' of Linux and Raspberry Pi
11 Dec 2012