Threats and risks

90 per cent of businesses are at risk of fraud due to unsatisfactory payment systems

Person paying with a credit card
Jim Conning, of Bottomline Technologies, says only 10 to 20 per cent of firms are verifying debit and credit transactions
06 Sep 2013

NSA has 'circumvented or cracked' internet encryption exposing banking systems, medical records and more

Edward Snowden NSA Prism whistleblower
You really do have no privacy on the internet, even if you use encryption, due to secret NSA and GCHQ spying activities
06 Sep 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks US Marines website

Anti-US intervention and anti-Obama messages posted to US military website
03 Sep 2013

Most public sector execs believe government must do more to bolster cyber defences

Two-thirds of public sector officials believe Cabinet Office underestimates cyber threats, finds McAfee survey
02 Sep 2013

Millions of PCs vulnerable to Java 6 exploit kit released last week

Neutrino exploit kit updated to take advantage of Java 6 vulnerability – attacks already seen this week
29 Aug 2013

Hacker pleads guilty after attempting to sell data to FBI

James Miller offered to provide information to undercover FBI agent for $50,000
28 Aug 2013

New York Times website, Twitter hacked – Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility

Web host Melbourne IT suffers DNS attack, which it blames on reseller
28 Aug 2013

'Security by default' agenda required to improve public sector cyber security

McAfee's Graeme Stewart says service providers at every level of the public sector supply chain must be educated about the need for proper cyber security
27 Aug 2013

Android 100 times more likely to contract malware than iOS, says Homeland Security

Google tightens Play Store developer regulations in response to criticisms
27 Aug 2013

FBI used Anonymous to attack foreign government systems, claims jailed hacker Hammond

Stratfor hacker Hammond claims FBI used Anonymous informant Sabu to coordinate attacks against foreign governments
27 Aug 2013

Nasdaq outage: Are we playing Russian roulette with our trading platforms?

Financial software expert Lev Lesokhin believes exchanges are not properly managing software-related risks
23 Aug 2013

GCHQ runs secret Middle East internet surveillance station as part of Tempora

Station intercepts all data that passes through underwater fibre-optic cables
23 Aug 2013

PwC hires former head of Met police e-crime unit to advise on cyber crime

Charlie McMurdie to take up ‘senior crime adviser’ role at consultancy firm
22 Aug 2013

US spying scandal encourages Malaysia to step up internet surveillance

Repercussions of the US/UK internet spying scandal embolden governments worldwide to expand electronic surveillance
22 Aug 2013

Travel agency conned out of £70,000 due to password security lapse

Former member of staff used his old passwords to book flights, hotels and to travel the world – at agency's expense
20 Aug 2013

McAfee: '$1 trillion global cyber crime cost was over the top'

McAfee CTO Mike Fey admits to 'flawed' estimate for global cyber crime costs
20 Aug 2013

The future of cybersecurity and BYOD at Network Rail

Peter Gothard visits Network Rail's head of IS strategy, Simon Goodman, to find out more about the company's cybersecurity policy
19 Aug 2013

Leaked audit reveals that US security agency routinely flouts rules

NSA violates its own privacy policies - and the US constitution - according to leaks audit
16 Aug 2013

IBM to acquire Israeli financial security specialist Trusteer

Trusteer's software is used by 16 of the US and UK's top banks, claims IBM
15 Aug 2013

New York Post and SocialFlow latest victims of Syrian hackers

Syrian Electronic Army hijacks more websites and social media accounts
14 Aug 2013

CESG launches cyber-incident response schemes to ease pressure on GCHQ

GCHQ will now only focus on 'the most challenging attacks'
13 Aug 2013

Two men to face High Court trial over denial-of-service cyber-extortion threat

Arrested men appeared before Uxbridge Magistrates Court following 36-hour 2 August attack
12 Aug 2013

New York Times attackers update tools and change tactics

Security company FireEye claims NYT attackers have returned after an eight-month silence
12 Aug 2013

'You're shooting yourself in the foot if you're not willing to hire a hacker'

WhiteHat Security's Robert Hansen tells Computing that businesses need to be more open minded about hiring reformed hackers to combat cyber threats
08 Aug 2013