Threats and risks

GCHQ and NSA spying on Google and Yahoo users after cracking the companies' security

Google Apps graphic
US National Security Agency and GCHQ are spying on the users of Google and Yahoo services, according to the latest leaked Snowden documents
30 Oct 2013

Adobe hack affected 38 million users – not three million

Adobe Systems logo
Photoshop source code also stolen, Adobe confirms
30 Oct 2013

IT security at 96 per cent of UK businesses "not fit for purpose" - report

Ernst & Young report finds that budget constraints and a lack of skilled resources have hindered firms' fight against cyber-threats
29 Oct 2013

World needs 21 million cyber security professionals - but there's only 3,000 now, warns expert

'671.9 million of the internet's 672 million websites aren't being properly tested,' says WhiteHat's Robert Hansen
17 Oct 2013

Kevin Mitnick: 'The only thing McAfee is good at is making videos'

Outspoken security expert and reformed hacker claims that anti-virus software is next to useless, and shows how peer to peer software can cause devestating leaks of sensitive corporate data
16 Oct 2013

Not enough cyber warriors to fight computer hackers, says former White House security chief

'As with anything, it really comes down to human capital and there simply isn't enough of it,' says Chris Finan
14 Oct 2013

GCHQ leaks 'hand the advantage to terrorists' says MI5 chief

Andrew Parker believes that GCHQ's techniques are necessary for counter-terrorism - and should be kept secret
09 Oct 2013

Impact of cyber crime rockets as costs and resolution times soar - HP report

Research by Ponemon Institute and HP suggests costs have risen 80 per cent in past four years while resolution time has more than doubled
08 Oct 2013

Banks to undergo extensive cyber threat test

Simulated cyber attack to test strength of financial services firms' defences
07 Oct 2013

Ex-NSA CIO blasts US government's 'terrible' cyber security - and companies aren't much better

You're on your own, warns Dr Prescott Winter, even though many companies have 'appalling' cyber security
03 Oct 2013

Banks ordered to bolster cyber defences by FPC

'Concrete plan' by banks to handle cyber attacks to be handed to Financial Policy Committee in six months
02 Oct 2013

Splunk 2013: Top enterprise cyber security 'appalling' - former NSA CIO/CTO

Dr Prescott Winter tells Splunk 2013 big data is key to upping poor cyber security among big business
02 Oct 2013

Microsoft ex-chief privacy officer: 'I don't trust Microsoft'

Caspar Bowden, Microsoft's former chief privacy officer, says 'I don't trust Microsoft' after Prism revelations, and recommends switching to open-source software
01 Oct 2013

Education needed to stop hackers exploiting web users’ 'scary' data sharing

People need to be more guarded over personal information they share online, WorldPay's Darren Dance tells Computing
30 Sep 2013

CESG's cyber security certification scheme opened up to private sector

Scheme was launched in October 2012 for professionals working on government networks
30 Sep 2013

MoD recruiting 'cyber reservists' to defend the UK and attack enemies

Recruitment for cyber workforce will begin in October
30 Sep 2013

Cyber mercenaries 'hit and run' warning after Kaspersky Icefog hacker discovery

Report from Kaspersky details 'advanced persistent threat' from group mainly targeting South Korea and Japan
26 Sep 2013

Eight arrested over £1.3m cyber-raid on Barclays bank branch

Attacker posed as an IT engineer to plant keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switch with 3G modem in Barclays branch
20 Sep 2013

GCHQ hacked Belgian telco Belgacom

Snowden documents indicated GCHQ hacked telco serving European Union institutions
20 Sep 2013

RSA warns customers against NSA-compromised security product

RSA acts on warning from standards body over claims of NSA interference in setting encryption technology standards
20 Sep 2013

NSA bought zero-day vulnerabilities from security company Vupen

NSA bought one-year subscription last September, according to FOI response
17 Sep 2013

Suspected hackers arrested over alleged plot to steal millions from Santander

Twelve men in London in custody after a device was fitted to a PC in Surrey Quays branch
13 Sep 2013

IETF to consider 'Prism-proof' security architectures for the web

Comodo principal scientist publishes first discussion paper after IETF chairman calls for action to secure the internet against government spying
13 Sep 2013

NSA tapped into networks of Google, Brazilian oil firm, among others

Revelations likely to further strain relations between the US and Brazil
09 Sep 2013