Security technology

NHS Trust selects Wave Systems’ Safend Encryptor to replace 'unreliable' McAfee Endpoint

NHS doctor using a computer
Check Point Full Disk was also considered in tender process
13 Dec 2012

Third party applications – a chink in your armour

Security threats - password theft
Third party applications – a chink in your armour. During this web seminar we will explore how to mitigate the risk from third party applications using a step by step guide to patch management as part of a complete endpoint security management programme.
12 Dec 2012

Android's built-in malware scanner detects just 15 per cent of threats

Concept image representing virus malware
Jellybean's in-built software has a long way to go but shows promise, says computer scientist.
11 Dec 2012

Opinion: For better security, honesty is the best policy

The IT industry’s tendency to brush security breaches under the carpet is not doing anyone any favours, particularly users, argues Simon Bain
12 Nov 2012

Spy agency GCHQ launches cyber incident response scheme

Scheme to cover organisations running 'critical national infrastructure'
07 Nov 2012

Risk Based Security Management – Corporate reality or wishful thinking?

Live 7th November, 3pm- During this web seminar we will be looking at what RBSM is and why risks are frequently under- or overestimated to the detriment of the organisation as a whole.
02 Nov 2012

McAfee customers admit the firm 'doesn’t hold the best grades in everything'

Customers reflect on McAfee multivendor pledge
25 Oct 2012

McAfee customers: BYOD security products are still 'immature'

IT leaders attending FOCUS 12 express deep reservations about BYOD security offerings
25 Oct 2012

McAfee announces real-time reporting and multi-vendor focus for Policy Orchestrator 5.0

No more ‘silo operating’ as security firm opens its solutions
25 Oct 2012

McAfee plans to become leader in social engineering security

"Five year plan" also sees industry-first printer protection with Xerox
24 Oct 2012

McAfee president: Intel acquisition 'one of the most profound things to hit IT'

DeCesare predicts hardware-assisted security future for the endpoint
23 Oct 2012

Huawei responds to US Congressional Committee report

Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer says committee has failed to explain why it is a 'security threat'
08 Oct 2012

Companies need to lose 'castle and moat' security mentality, says Cisco security VP

'Antiquated' view needs to give way to more sophisticated, targeted approach says Young
08 Oct 2012

SThree beefs up mobile security with Good Technology

Recruitment firm aims to make BYOD scheme secure for 1,000 employees
05 Oct 2012

Microsoft acquires PhoneFactor to boost enterprise mobile app security

Solution aims to protect enterprises from malware and cyber attacks
05 Oct 2012

The identity bridge – the extended value of single sign on

05 Oct 2012

The security behind Wi-Fi on the London Underground

Enline tells Computing about the technology behind the identity and access management of the tube's wireless internet service
03 Oct 2012

Case studies needed to overcome cloud concerns

Cisco CTO believes businesses need more positive use-case examples
07 Sep 2012

Quantum chip offers 'security guaranteed by the laws of physics'

Researchers unveil quantum chip technology that could be available within five years
04 Sep 2012

Oracle releases fix for zero-day Java exploit as attacks increase

Company admits bug can impact availability, integrity and confidentiality of systems
31 Aug 2012

UK data breaches up by 1,000 per cent in five years

'Startling' figures from Imation Corp reveal massive security breaches across all sectors
30 Aug 2012

New Java exploit details emerge as attacks escalate; no patch from Oracle yet

Hacked applet can 'do anything Java can' says security expert
28 Aug 2012

Balancing the books: flexible working in smaller businesses

As home working and BYOD become more common, smaller businesses need to put them on a more formal footing
08 Aug 2012

Apple pays £226m for digital security company Authentec

'Apple is working on iPhone 5 fingerprint tech' says security expert
27 Jul 2012