Security technology

Extent of Microsoft's involvement with Prism revealed

Redmond giant denies providing "blanket access" to Outlook, SkyDrive and Skype
12 Jul 2013

Goverment agents asked to stay away from hacking convention following Snowden PRISM revelations

Hacker Jeff Moss
Actions of US government makes delegates 'uncomfortable', convention founder says
11 Jul 2013

Hackers stole data from Ministry of Defence contractor

Government report describes cyber threat to UK as 'disturbing in its scale and complexity'
10 Jul 2013

South Lanarkshire Council looking for IT security provider in £1m tender

Scottish council wants 24/7 threat detection as part of software and services package
09 Jul 2013

The Top 10 best iPhone apps for enterprise users

Sooraj Shah looks at the apps that can boost productivity when you're on the move
08 Jul 2013

UK needs sanctioned networks 'dedicated to government-only activity' to protect against hackers

Coventry University's Dr Siraj Shaikh tells Computing more needs to be done to protect infrastructure against hackers
01 Jul 2013

US Department of Defense to 'eliminate all firewalls'

Pentagon proposes architecture to protect data rather than networks
28 Jun 2013

DWF CTO 'absolutely aghast' that Apple did not create an MDM solution of its own

Hodkinson believes it was inevitable that iPhones and iPads would be used in enterprises
25 Jun 2013

Improper big data storage leaves security holes, says McAfee

Company's 'Needle in a Datastack' reports many organisations are ill-equipped to deal with big data-related security breaches
17 Jun 2013

Walmart selects Good and AirWatch to manage 10,000 employee devices

Walmart's subsidiaries collaborate to ensure best solutions implemented across group
12 Jun 2013

BAE Detica to recruit 130 graduates and trainees to plug cyber security skills gap

BAE is hiring 600 staff in 2013, with 293 of the positions to be filled by graduates and trainees
12 Jun 2013

Cybersecurity Challenge taken to the classroom

Competition to be opened up to 14- to 16-year-olds in 2,500 schools
07 Jun 2013

Only six per cent of trainee cyber security professionals are women

Figures from training firm QA point to worsening gender imbalance
05 Jun 2013

Social media malware rising significantly, says McAfee report

Koobface worm attacks more than treble and email spam is also on the rise
03 Jun 2013

Teach engineers cyber security skills to protect critical national infrastructure, says IET

SMEs are at particular risk of losing IP because they don't think they are vulnerable
10 May 2013

McAfee acquires Stonesoft in $389m deal

Intel-owned anti-virus software vendor adds firewall technology to its portfolio
07 May 2013

Firms lack cyber recovery plans for 'doomsday scenarios', says Bank of England

John Milne urges companies to check that their recovery solutions would work in worst-case situations
25 Apr 2013

“We’re yet to find an MDM solution that truly works,” says Channel 4 CISO

Selective wiping is a must for Channel 4, but is not a feature in many MDM solutions
19 Apr 2013

'Without Splunk we might be taken out of the market,' says Barclays

Head of security services praises Splunk for helping it comply with regulations
19 Apr 2013

Splunk reduces firewall management from minutes to 20 seconds, says WorldPay

Online payment service provider saves time managing a diverse firewall estate
18 Apr 2013

NHS trust selects Safend suite to replace free McAfee Safeboot solution

Reporting features, simpler management and overall security features worth paying for, says trust
04 Apr 2013

Third-party software accounts for 86 per cent of PC vulnerabilities

Nine out of 10 security flaws are a result of non-native products such as Chrome, Firefox and iTunes
15 Mar 2013

Symantec CTO: World War III could start with a cyber battle

Cyber tools could also be used for propaganda and disinformation, says Greg Day
11 Mar 2013

Oxford blocks Google Docs

Google needs to do more to fight cyber-crime, says university after spate of phishing attacks
19 Feb 2013