NSA to replace 90 per cent of its system administrators with machines to cut leaks

Secure "thin virtual cloud structure" to replace 'insecure' employees
12 Aug 2013

Sharp rise in government requests for Twitter user data

Twitter Logo
Twitter's transparency report shows 40 per cent jump in requests by the authorities for private information, including IP addresses and email contacts
01 Aug 2013

NSA collecting ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’

Classified documents reveal more alarming global surveillance methods
31 Jul 2013

Dating websites 'potentially in breach of data protection act', warns ICO

ICO writes to four of the UK's biggest 'introduction agencies' after damning BBC Panorama exposé.
30 Jul 2013

PRISM and beyond: Is the government’s capture of public data spiralling out of control?

Sooraj Shah looks at the potential pitfalls of the government’s all-out assault on citizens’ data
29 Jul 2013

Jumping the gun on EU data protection

With new EU data protection regulations experiencing delays, Peter Wainman of law firm Mills & Reeve urges businesses to concentrate on complying with the current law rather than second-guessing what it might look like in the future
29 Jul 2013

ICO warns Hertfordshire Police over 'disproportionate' use of camera tracking

Enforcement notice comes after investigation into Royston's number plate recognition cameras
26 Jul 2013

Apple and Ubuntu breached by hackers - personal data feared stolen

Two million Ubuntu forum members' details stolen, while Apple admits developer hack too
22 Jul 2013

Huawei says CIA chief’s spy claims were 'politically inspired and racist corporate defamation'

Chinese firm slams ex-CIA chief, and says 'put up or shut up'
19 Jul 2013

Android's 'back up my data' feature could show FBI your password

Bug reported by EFF stores passwords in plain text, potentially granting authorities access through PRISM
18 Jul 2013

ISC exoneration of GCHQ makes a mockery of the UK legal system

According to the Intelligence and Security Committee, it is legal for GCHQ to be spying on innocent people
17 Jul 2013

Prism and GCHQ: 'Nothing to see here' says Intelligence and Security Committee

GCHQ has not circumvented or attempted to circumvent UK law, claims Committee after snap one-week investigation
17 Jul 2013

Court grants Yahoo access to documents that show its opposition to Prism

Court rules that US Department of Justice must reveal documents showing Yahoo's fight against revealing data
16 Jul 2013

Merkel vows to push for tougher EU laws to protect personal data

Different systems across EU makes it harder to control who has access to web users' personal data
15 Jul 2013

ICO fines NHS Surrey £200,000 after 3,000 patient records sold on eBay

Failure to do due diligence on a new data destruction provider comes back to haunt Trust
12 Jul 2013

Extent of Microsoft's involvement with Prism revealed

Redmond giant denies providing "blanket access" to Outlook, SkyDrive and Skype
12 Jul 2013

Swiss cloud firms - the new Swiss bank account?

With data privacy fears at an all-time high following Prism, FISA and the Patriot Act, can Swiss cloud firms join their financial services compatriots in offering truly private services?
10 Jul 2013

China and US talks on cyber security 'make progress'

Both sides agreed to work together in a cyber working group to enhance mutual trust, Xinhua news agency claims
10 Jul 2013

Computing Tech Tiff debate: closed or open cybersecurity?

Should cyber security be belts and braces or flexible and free? Computing staff debate
08 Jul 2013

ICO threatens Google with fine over privacy policy

The Information Commissioner's Office gives Google until September to comply with privacy policy request
05 Jul 2013

MasterCard and Visa banning VPN providers, says Swedish payment service Payson

‘Urgent requirement’ from credit card companies behind sudden policy change
04 Jul 2013

EU cookie law 'is a disaster', claims HP data privacy officer

There is no consistency across the EU in the way the law has been implemented, says Daniel Pradelles
03 Jul 2013

China's ministry of national defence slams US for cyber security "hypocrisy"

Defence official Colonel Yang Yujun says Prism demonstrates US double standards over cyber surveillance
28 Jun 2013

US government collected US email records in bulk – all approved by secret FISA court

Latest disclosures from whistleblower Edward Snowden show NSA tapping Americans' internet usage data
27 Jun 2013