Post-NSA governments need to regain citizens' trust - Microsoft VP Nadella

Microsoft's cloud and enterprise head Satya Nadella says people won't use tech if they fear repercussions
11 Dec 2013

Encrypting data will not stop government snooping

An eye in close-up superimposted by a screen of random numbers
Tech companies are looking to encryption to protect their data from the NSA – but the truth is, if the government wants, the government gets. Danny Palmer explores the issues
10 Dec 2013

Eight tech firms call for changes to US government surveillance

The likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook all involved in 'Reform Government Surveillance' alliance
09 Dec 2013

JP Morgan warns 465,000 customers that data could be exposed after cyber attack

Personal data could have been taken from web servers, says bank
05 Dec 2013

GP data to be extracted for in March 2014

Preparations for planned extraction of primary care data are 'well under way'
02 Dec 2013

Microsoft to ramp up encryption to combat NSA surveillance

Microsoft executives meet this week to consider plans to protect customer data from the NSA
27 Nov 2013

Why Brazil’s privacy push could cost firms dear

Sooraj Shah examines the implications for global businesses of the Brazilian government’s controversial data sovereignty plans
26 Nov 2013

Microsoft will encrypt messages in Office 365

Keeping the spies out
22 Nov 2013

UK marked down for poor privacy rights in latest Web Index Report

Seventy-six of the 81 countries examined did not meet best practice standards for checks and balances on government interception of electronic communications
22 Nov 2013

NSA had access to UK citizens mobile and email details from 2007

Edward Snowden's latest leaks reveal that the US may have attempted to spy on UK citizens without the government's approval
21 Nov 2013

Yahoo to encrypt all user data following NSA Prism snooping

Move comes after NSA looked at Yahoo user data without web firm knowing
19 Nov 2013

'NSA exceeded the scope of authorised acquisition continuously,' says Judge

FISC Judge John D. Bates criticses US government's Prism programme in recently revealed documents
19 Nov 2013

Microsoft to increase use of encryption to thwart NSA/GCHQ internet surveillance

Microsoft to address weak point exploited by NSA and GCHQ
14 Nov 2013

Rise of the Data Protection Officer

Under proposed EU rules, many organisations will soon have to appoint a data protection officer. So what does the DPO’s role entail and are they in danger of being made scapegoats? Sooraj Shah investigates
13 Nov 2013

H4cked Off: Too much Hoovering is bad for us all

The example of J Edgar Hoover shows why surveillance without oversight is a dangerous thing
10 Nov 2013

GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban claims secret surveillance methods are not 'sinister'

GCHQ's Lobban also guarantees that spy agencies will not conduct operations that are illegal
08 Nov 2013

Snowden persuaded NSA staff to give him their passwords

NSA whistle-blower told staff he needed their credentials to do his systems administrations job
08 Nov 2013

GP: 'Why does the NHS need to obtain so much data from patients?'

Dr Jane Lothian suggests that NHS England's programme has an ulterior motive in gathering patients' data
07 Nov 2013

GCHQ and NSA spying on Google and Yahoo users after cracking the companies' security

US National Security Agency and GCHQ are spying on the users of Google and Yahoo services, according to the latest leaked Snowden documents
30 Oct 2013

Public sector data protection constraints are 'artificial and kneejerk' says Eastbourne council deputy CEO

Joining up data sets would create a 'far more effective' public sector, says Osgathorpe
30 Oct 2013

Bring your own lawyer: the legal perils of BYOD

With staff seeking to perform more and more functions on their devices rather than clunky work PCs, organisations are starting to consider the legal implications – and it isn’t a straightforward matter
30 Oct 2013

Data security in a post-Prism world

Will the snooping revelations lead to an exodus from the cloud, and are the alternatives any safer?
29 Oct 2013

North East Lincolnshire Council fined £80,000 for losing data on children with special educational needs

Data was on an unencrypted memory stick that was left in a laptop at the council's offices
29 Oct 2013

NSA monitored 60 million Spanish calls, but denies claims President Obama knew about Merkel phone-tapping

US spy agency allegedly asked Japanese government to allow it to tap into fibre-optic cables in 2011
28 Oct 2013