Not enough cyber warriors to fight computer hackers, says former White House security chief

Toy soldiers on keyboard representing cyber security
'As with anything, it really comes down to human capital and there simply isn't enough of it,' says Chris Finan
14 Oct 2013

Google chairman Schmidt claims Android more secure than iPhone

Google's Eric Schmidt
'Not secure? It's more secure than the iPhone,' Schmidt tells analysts
08 Oct 2013

Adobe cyber attack: 2.9 million customers' private data stolen

A security lock on top of a number of credit cards
Credit card and debit card details, expiration dates, and other data all removed from Adobe's systems
04 Oct 2013

Ex-NSA CIO blasts US government's 'terrible' cyber security - and companies aren't much better

You're on your own, warns Dr Prescott Winter, even though many companies have 'appalling' cyber security
03 Oct 2013

Cyber mercenaries 'hit and run' warning after Kaspersky Icefog hacker discovery

Report from Kaspersky details 'advanced persistent threat' from group mainly targeting South Korea and Japan
26 Sep 2013

Hackers crack Apple iPhone 5S with warning that biometrics are 'inherently insecure'

Chaos Computer Club posts video of iPhone 5S breach to claim $13,000 reward for cracking Apple's security
23 Sep 2013

Hackers offered cash prize for cracking iPhone 5S fingerprint security

#istouchidhackedyet challenges hackers to lift fingerprints from phone 'like from a beer mug'
20 Sep 2013

GCHQ hacked Belgian telco Belgacom

Snowden documents indicated GCHQ hacked telco serving European Union institutions
20 Sep 2013

RSA warns customers against NSA-compromised security product

RSA acts on warning from standards body over claims of NSA interference in setting encryption technology standards
20 Sep 2013

NSA bought zero-day vulnerabilities from security company Vupen

NSA bought one-year subscription last September, according to FOI response
17 Sep 2013

Suspected hackers arrested over alleged plot to steal millions from Santander

Twelve men in London in custody after a device was fitted to a PC in Surrey Quays branch
13 Sep 2013

Apple iPhones, Android and even BlackBerry smartphones all compromised by NSA

Latest newspaper claims encompass contact list, SMS traffic and location data
09 Sep 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks US Marines website

Anti-US intervention and anti-Obama messages posted to US military website
03 Sep 2013

Millions of PCs vulnerable to Java 6 exploit kit released last week

Neutrino exploit kit updated to take advantage of Java 6 vulnerability – attacks already seen this week
29 Aug 2013

New York Times website, Twitter hacked – Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility

Web host Melbourne IT suffers DNS attack, which it blames on reseller
28 Aug 2013

FBI used Anonymous to attack foreign government systems, claims jailed hacker Hammond

Stratfor hacker Hammond claims FBI used Anonymous informant Sabu to coordinate attacks against foreign governments
27 Aug 2013

McAfee: '$1 trillion global cyber crime cost was over the top'

McAfee CTO Mike Fey admits to 'flawed' estimate for global cyber crime costs
20 Aug 2013

New York Post and SocialFlow latest victims of Syrian hackers

Syrian Electronic Army hijacks more websites and social media accounts
14 Aug 2013

North Korea's army of trolls

Secretive state employs 3,000 staff to rubbish South Korea and hack South Korean websites
13 Aug 2013

New York Times attackers update tools and change tactics

Security company FireEye claims NYT attackers have returned after an eight-month silence
12 Aug 2013

'You're shooting yourself in the foot if you're not willing to hire a hacker'

WhiteHat Security's Robert Hansen tells Computing that businesses need to be more open minded about hiring reformed hackers to combat cyber threats
08 Aug 2013

Syrian hackers hijack Channel 4 News website

Pro-Assad hackers post fake news article on Jon Snow's blog
07 Aug 2013

GCHQ plan to spy on 'any phone, anywhere, any time'

British spy agency building the technology to spy on anyone, anywhere, whenever it wants
01 Aug 2013

NSA collecting ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’

Classified documents reveal more alarming global surveillance methods
31 Jul 2013