BlackBerry defends itself over G20 security claims

Blackberry Q10 QWERTY keyboard
Smartphone maker hits back over claims its security was cracked by GCHQ
18 Jun 2013

EU to vote on five-year minimum sentences for hackers

Hackers found guilty of attacking 'critical infrastructure' face five years or more in prison
12 Jun 2013

Israel under 'non-stop' cyber attack from Iran

Iran and its allies targeting Israeli infrastructure, Netanyahu claims
10 Jun 2013

Cybersecurity Challenge taken to the classroom

Competition to be opened up to 14- to 16-year-olds in 2,500 schools
07 Jun 2013

Microsoft and FBI take down Citadel cyber crime ring

Botnets used to steal over $500m
06 Jun 2013

China has 'mountains of data' about cyber attacks coming from US

Top Chinese official makes claim ahead of meeting of two country's leaders
05 Jun 2013

Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond faces 10 years in jail after pleading guilty

Hacker pleads guilty to hacking Stratfor and passing information to Wikileaks
29 May 2013

Chinese hackers breach US weapons systems

Report by Defense Science Board says Chinese hackers have stolen information about military vehicles
28 May 2013

Crash Podcast: Ethical hacking, USB flash drives, consumerisation and Nokia

On this week's podcast we discuss ethical hacking, the death of the USB flash drive, Nokia's crashing feature-phone sales and the consumerisation of corporate IT
14 May 2013

US data breach exposes 160,000 social security numbers

Vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion app server used to break into official system
13 May 2013

Cyber-heist victim says 'no customers suffered loss' in suspected £29m bank robbery

Outdated credit card designs to blame, says Kaspersky
10 May 2013

Washington media websites hit by cyber attacks

Hackers use waterhole attack to plant malware on websites of WTOP and Federal News Radio
08 May 2013

IE 8 zero-day attack spreads to military sites

Microsoft urges IE 8 users to upgrade as Metasploit module appears
08 May 2013

Pentagon accuses China of hacking US government computer systems

Department of Defense annual report to Congress points the finger directly at Beijing for the first time
07 May 2013

Twitter warns that hackers will continue to target the media

Social media site provides advice on how media can prevent Twitter profiles being hijacked
01 May 2013

Yahoo emails breached again while Guardian victim of Syrian hackers

Yahoo email accounts compromised by Russian hacker while attacks on the press continue to rise
30 Apr 2013

LivingSocial hacked – 50 million customers' data compromised

Customers' personal data gathered but credit card data hasn't been accessed
29 Apr 2013

State-backed cyber attacks on the increase, says Verizon report

State-sponsored cyber espionage increased three-fold in 2012
23 Apr 2013

Security education: Training to beat tomorrow's hackers

Computing visits Coventry University to find out how they're training the cyber-security experts of the future to beat hackers at their own game
19 Apr 2013

Cyber security: How Coventry University is training ethical hackers

Coventry University is training the cyber-security experts of the future in its ethical hacking laboratory. Danny Palmer speaks to senior lecturer Dr Siraj Shaikh to find out how
18 Apr 2013

Every nation is engaging in cyber attacks, says News International CISO

Amar Singh tells Computing state-funded cyber warfare is already here and more needs to be done to protect against attacks
17 Apr 2013

More than 30 online games fall victim to Chinese hackers

Massively multiplayer online games have been attacked by account-hijacking malware for at least four years
12 Apr 2013

North Korea behind March cyber attack, says South Korea

Investigation discovers hack can be traced back to North Korea
10 Apr 2013

Third UK Lulzsec hacker pleads guilty to cyber attacks on NHS and Sony

Ryan Ackroyd from South Yorkshire will not face trial on DDoS charges
10 Apr 2013