Soca should have an oversight body, say MPs

Serious Organised Crime Agency needs to be more accountable, says Home Affairs Committee report
19 Nov 2009

Online bank hackers get 13 years

Another victory for the Met's central e-crime unit
16 Nov 2009

Innocents to be kept on DNA database for six years

Length halved from 12 years after pressure from opposition and campaigners
11 Nov 2009

London 2012 Olympics receives £39m Airwave boost

Extra capacity for emergency services radio system will ensure readiness for Games
02 Nov 2009

One in 10 Britons on police DNA database

More than 5.5 million records held on controversial system
28 Oct 2009

Police launch new national crime map

But site is sluggish on first day because of heavy demand
21 Oct 2009

Government drops DNA proposals

Plan to keep innocent people on DNA database for 6 to 12 years dropped to push Bill through Lords
20 Oct 2009

Minor criminal records to be retained on police computer

Court rules that convictions are relevant, however minor
20 Oct 2009

Police going mobile with handheld computers

Mobile devices mean police can spend more time in the office and get on-the-spot access to vital information
20 Oct 2009

Police to use mobile biometric scanners and credit card readers

Mobile units could scan passports, credit cards and eyes
15 Oct 2009

Hacker McKinnon refused Supreme Court appeal

Extradition to the US is increasingly likely for UK hacker accused of entering Pentagon computer systems
09 Oct 2009

Conservatives outline cyber security overhaul

Greater powers for information commissioner and more accountability in government needed, says shadow minister for justice
25 Sep 2009

IPCC IT overhaul will see police complaints handled online

The body that polices the police signs 10-year, £45m IT contract for technology refresh and to support online customer services
11 Sep 2009

E-crime police arrest man over suspected HMRC fraud

Joint investigation by Police Central e-Crime Unit and HM Revenue & Customs led to arrest
04 Sep 2009

Minor offences to be recorded electronically

Tickets for minor offences and traffic infringements to be replaced by electronic system
02 Sep 2009

Police chiefs publish first UK e-crime strategy

Priorities are to improve recording of e-crime and establish better training for frontline officers
28 Aug 2009

More controversy over DNA database as MP's details removed

Tory Damian Green has his record deleted - and wants samples of other innocents removed as well
20 Aug 2009

Equality watchdog slams DNA database proposals

New limit of 12 years for those innocent of crimes is still too high, according to Equality and Human Rights Commission
12 Aug 2009

Profit nearly doubles at Logica

IT services company exceeds market expectations despite downturn
07 Aug 2009

New security software to help prevent corruption in Met Police

London force looking for a system to monitor IT use and identify potentially compromising activity
07 Aug 2009

Information Commissioner concerned over electronic snooping plans

Government does not appear to have fully investigated other options that may exist, says privacy watchdog
30 Jul 2009

Home Office opens up crime information

Datasets made available online as part of drive to provide public data on the internet
17 Jul 2009

Soca e-crime team secures 22 arrests in three years

Unit has wider crime-prevention role, says home secretary
15 Jul 2009

Met Police signs identity management deal

BT to oversee integration of physical and IT security systems at the Metropolitan Police
02 Jul 2009