Francis Maude hails G-Cloud as it expands to over 1,000 suppliers

Francis Maude
Francis Maude praises SMEs for being vast majority of suppliers on government digital store
30 Oct 2013

Data security in a post-Prism world

Will the snooping revelations lead to an exodus from the cloud, and are the alternatives any safer?
29 Oct 2013

North East Lincolnshire Council fined £80,000 for losing data on children with special educational needs

Data was on an unencrypted memory stick that was left in a laptop at the council's offices
29 Oct 2013

MoJ issues £109m tender for application maintenance, support and deployment

MoJ's prior information notice had suggested the contract would be worth up to £180m
28 Oct 2013

NSA monitored 60 million Spanish calls, but denies claims President Obama knew about Merkel phone-tapping

US spy agency allegedly asked Japanese government to allow it to tap into fibre-optic cables in 2011
28 Oct 2013

ICO fines Ministry of Justice £140k after prison leaks 1,182 prisoner details to families

'Clear lack of management oversight' in evidence, says David Smith
24 Oct 2013

MEPs vote in favour of strengthened data protection laws

More privacy, the "right to be forgotten", and bigger fines for internet companies that fail to comply
23 Oct 2013

NIST releases cyber security framework to help US firms reduce risks

President Obama had instructed NIST to develop a voluntary framework for critical infrastucture owners and operators in February
23 Oct 2013

National Crime Agency to hire 400 trainee cyber intelligence officers

Trainees don't need formal qualifications and will earn £22,407 a year
22 Oct 2013

ISC to review whether privacy legislation is 'fit for purpose'

Intelligence and Security Committee has called on public to provide evidence after PRISM and Tempora revelations
17 Oct 2013

NSA harvests millions of personal email and IM contact lists

Average of 500,000 address books collected a day, according to latest Snowden revelations
15 Oct 2013

Home Office working with Google, Apple, Samsung to tackle growing number of mobile thefts

Government wants new security features to make handsets less attractive to thieves
14 Oct 2013

Scottish ministers issue £43.3m tender for temporary IT staff for public sector

Framework agreement available for use by health bodies, academic institutions, fire and police services, councils and more
14 Oct 2013

NSA chief talks up need for cyber security legislation

Keith Alexander also backs MI5 head, and asks telecoms firms to trust the NSA
11 Oct 2013

Power mad: how uncertainty over UK energy policy is harming the data centre business

Growing uncertainty over energy pricing is pushing data centres overseas – just as cloud computing is taking off
11 Oct 2013

Scottish Government to provide staff with Windows 8 tablets

Initiative designed to let employees work more efficiently when on the move
11 Oct 2013

ICO insists its policy on fines is not biased against public sector

'I certainly wouldn’t suggest people have been let off’ says ICO tech group manager Rice
11 Oct 2013

Hounslow Council puts its faith in the cloud, and to hell with the NSA

Council selects Box for document storage and collaboration, and plans to go infrastructure-free in five years
10 Oct 2013

£500m UK e-borders project ‘yet to deliver anticipated benefits’

Only 65 per cent of passenger data is collected and over 649,000 records relating to smuggling were unread and deleted from system
09 Oct 2013

GCHQ leaks 'hand the advantage to terrorists' says MI5 chief

Andrew Parker believes that GCHQ's techniques are necessary for counter-terrorism - and should be kept secret
09 Oct 2013

Foreign & Commonwealth Office awards BAE Systems Detica £40m IT contract

Five-year deal will see BAE Systems Detica manage services across 260 FCO posts around the world
08 Oct 2013

Cabinet was told nothing about GCHQ’s Tempora or NSA’s Prism, says Chris Huhne

Former minister mystified by Home Office's perseverance of Communications Data Bill - data that GCHQ is already collecting
07 Oct 2013

Patients could be able to Skype with their GP under new proposals

GP practices can apply to £50m Challenge Fund to set up a 'pioneering' programme
03 Oct 2013

US government: 'Tech firms should not be allowed to publish data requests'

Claims that 'adversaries' would be able to switch providers if they knew which companies the government is working with
03 Oct 2013