Our debt to Bletchley and Turing

19 Jun 2012

Denying children ICT contact is "frightening opportunity cost" says Google Engineering Director

Google logo on wall
Google says IT-savvy children could "change the world"
12 Jun 2012

DfE explains ICT curriculum disapplication, telling schools "It is up to you"

An IWB from Promethean
Government will back off and "let the best happen" says Education Department.
12 Jun 2012

Government goes ahead with non-compulsory ICT curriculum proposal

Many children “will not be taught ICT at all” say opponents
11 Jun 2012

Looser ICT curriculum 'might be welcomed' by teachers

Teachers at the first school to use the £22 Raspberry Pi computer are keen to teach programming skills
08 Jun 2012

Leicester to host supercomputer capable of answering the ultimate questions

Multi-million pound supercomputer to help astro-physicists study universe
07 Jun 2012

Big data: big skills opportunity

Exploiting big data could provide some of the impetus needed to drag the UK’s economy out of the quagmire. But the opportunity is slipping away due to a dearth of skills
06 Jun 2012

Google’s Schmidt: a formula for UK high-tech success

Google’s executive chairman says UK must 'reboot' IT education if it hopes to compete effectively in the 21st century
05 Jun 2012

Cyber security debate shifts from technology to psychology

The kids aren't all right, says speaker at Westminster Cyber eForum
01 Jun 2012

Media studies get social

01 Jun 2012

Four UK universities launch £3.5m supercomputing hub

Hub aimed at driving economic growth in the Midlands and London
30 May 2012

Google to fund new UK computer science teachers

Partnership with charity Teach First to train and support 61 ICT teachers
24 May 2012

Google cloud will rain on IT’s parade

24 May 2012

IT graduates take years to learn the ropes

24 May 2012

Microsoft launches social network, – quietly

Experimental social networking site not intended to trouble Facebook
23 May 2012

The <go to> girl: an interview with Dr Sue Black

Having spearheaded the successful campaign to save Bletchley Park, academic and social media whirlwind Dr Sue Black is now setting her sights on transforming the UK’s IT skills base with the Foundation
23 May 2012

Teacher training colleges hold key to ICT revival

A shortage of suitably qualified teachers threatens to derail efforts to create a new generation of programmers
22 May 2012

Web of woe

22 May 2012

Studying piles

09 May 2012

An education in tweeting

09 May 2012

ICT is wasted on most school kids

02 May 2012

Skills Commission warns government against withdrawing ICT curriculum

Two-year wait for new syllabus will lead to greater problems in 2020, says Education and Skills Commission
11 Apr 2012

University of the West England deploys Microsoft Lync to boost productivity

Unified communications form part of £10m IT overhaul
09 Apr 2012

Report: Big data to add £216bn to the UK economy

Harnessing big data could create 58,000 jobs by 2017, says report from SAS and the Centre for Economic and Business Research
05 Apr 2012