Video: SAS launches academy to tackle big data skills shortage

Big data
The thoughts of e-Skills UK, Birmingham City University, an ITMB student and SAS on the academy and big data
28 Mar 2013

Google: giving teaching back to the teacher?

On the wall of Bruno Reddy’s classroom is the phrase 'Freedom is power'. As he tells Peter Gothard, it is a mantra he intends to instil in his students via the use of IT
07 Mar 2013

Opinion: What’s missing from the new computing curriculum for schools

Crispin Weston, chair of BSI’s expert committee for education technology, explains why secondary school ICT had to change
26 Feb 2013

Analysis: In a BYOD class of its own

Peter Gothard reports on a school that has embraced the bring-your-own-device philosophy and rolled out super-fast Wi-Fi for the benefit of pupils and staff
21 Feb 2013

Next Gen Skills appoints Talent Development Co-ordinator

Kim Blake tasked with helping to promote coding and digital design skills in schools
07 Feb 2013

Gove U-turn and new DfE report put moves to raise status of ICT education in doubt

IT features further down report than art and design
07 Feb 2013

Computer gamification in education can hinder learning, warns Johnny Ball

Veteran TV presenter says technology should enhance learning, not detract from it
07 Feb 2013

Google Raspberry Pi gift and IT EBacc ‘diversion’ from real education crisis, says SETUK

Year-long schools overhaul could be tech company conspiracy, suggests adviser to the government
05 Feb 2013

Infosys: Shortage of big data modellers as well as data scientists

Senior vice president says the firm needs both so its clients can benefit
01 Feb 2013

Computer Science to be included in EBacc

Michael Gove says Computer Science will be 'fourth science'
31 Jan 2013

Cable: Education and IT will be UK's biggest export sectors

Business secretary claims education and tech sectors are set to boom
30 Jan 2013

Analysis: It takes skills to explore big data

Sooraj Shah examines the mix of skills organisations need to undertake a successful big data project
24 Jan 2013

Welsh government to spend £39m on faster broadband in schools

Schools will also receive funds to buy ICT kit
15 Jan 2013

Lego launches hackable, iOS-ready, Raspberry Pi-like super brick

New Mindstorms range takes aim at science and technology education
09 Jan 2013

Analysis: data scientists – a case of quality versus quantity?

As more organisations seek to exploit big data, so courses designed to teach the requisite data science skills are beginning to spring up. But fears are growing that they might not be attracting the right calibre of candidate
09 Jan 2013

BT teams up with skills bodies to create 550 IT apprenticeships in 2013

National Skills Academy for IT and NITP working with BT to fill tech roles at SMEs
08 Jan 2013

Getting a Raspberry Pi for Christmas? Now there’s an online store to go with it

With 25 apps already, the Pi Store is fast catching up with Windows 8…
19 Dec 2012

SAS launches academy to tackle demand for "£52,000 a year" big data specialists

Demand for specialists to “increase by 92 per cent in next 5 years”
10 Dec 2012

Government science spending falls, despite election pledge

Cuts in technology and innovation funds of 7.6 per cent since 2010 - despite election pledge to maintain investment
08 Nov 2012

University of Cumbria issues £3m tender for IT infrastructure service

Six-year deal to replace 'end of life' on-premise datacentre
08 Nov 2012

ICO won't take action against Department for Education over data breach

Breach exposed personal data – including passwords – of respondents to consultation
22 Oct 2012

Case study: Essa Academy's high-tech approach to education

Peter Gothard learns a lesson or two about technology-driven education at Bolton’s Essa Academy
02 Oct 2012

Businesses lack skills in big data, says SAS expert

SAS managing director believes organisations lack personnel to properly process big data
11 Sep 2012

Who will teach Computing Science?

05 Sep 2012