Nolan Bushnell: Tablet software can cut high school learning from 4 years to 6 months

'Father of modern gaming' tells Campus Party London tablets will lead to a sea change in education
06 Sep 2013

Digital economy relies on making content, not just consuming it

Chancellor George Osborne and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales urge businesses to develop producers of digital content
05 Sep 2013

How the government intends to close the cyber security skills gap

Education secretary Michael Gove
Sooraj Shah asks universities and science minister David Willetts and education secretary Michael Gove about the government’s plans to bolster the nation’s security skills
04 Sep 2013

Not enough data scientists, MIT expert tells Computing

One of the world's top data scientists, Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, tells Computing we're 'not even close' to the number of data scientists needed
04 Sep 2013

Driving down costs and carbon emissions at the University of St Andrews

Steven Watt, CIO at the University of St Andrews, talks to Computing’s Graeme Burton about an IT consolidation and virtualisation project that has enabled the 600-year-old institution to cut both costs and power consumption
04 Sep 2013

Degree-level apprenticeships in cyber security launched in the UK

Apprenticeships are part of a new 'Cyber Academy' backed by John Lewis, IBM and more
02 Sep 2013

David Willetts: Government is trying to create pathways into the cyber security profession

Minister of state for universities and science tells Computing that some initiatives are already in place
30 Aug 2013

50,000 NHS clinicians expected to learn to code

Government hopes that initiative will enable clinicians to design simple smartphone apps or system tools to improve the NHS
30 Aug 2013

Is there a cyber security skills gap?

In part one of an interview with Labour MP Chi Onwurah, she tells Computing why she believes there is a cyber security skills gap
28 Aug 2013

Are you smarter than a 16 year old? The new Computer Science GCSE put to the test

EdExcel sample questions show a range of skills will be put to the test
23 Aug 2013

Are you smarter than a 16 year old: test answers

How did you do in Computing's mock GCSE?
23 Aug 2013

A-Level results show IT school study uptake still “disappointing”, says Oracle

However economics, maths and chemistry study are up as STEM popularity rises
15 Aug 2013

Gove on education

Education secretary Michael Gove explains to Peter Gothard why he believes his new Computing curriculum will produce individuals who are better able to thrive in an increasingly digitised world
07 Aug 2013

Gove’s 'magnificent' superhead suspended after IT contract went to his partner’s services company

Special adviser to the education minister also suspended
29 Jul 2013

Gove promises 'more rigorous and interesting' ICT curriculum that 'captures the imagination of girls'

'I fully recognise that too few girls study ICT or computing' says education minister
25 Jul 2013

Government is not spending enough on cyber security awareness, says Labour's Chi Onwurah

Shadow Minister of the Cabinet Office says more investment in educating the public will make the country safer
25 Jul 2013

DfE will not 'dictate' specifics on e-learning ICT resources, says Gove

Education minister will not 'wade in' over resources or teaching methods to assist teachers’ transition to new curriculum
25 Jul 2013

'No one knows precisely what skills children will need in the future,' says Michael Gove

After new curriculum guidelines, is education secretary still hedging his bets?
24 Jul 2013

Keep calm and carry on coding

Education secretary Michael Gove has spoken, but what does the industry make of infant coders and Boolean logic for seven year olds?
24 Jul 2013

Analysis: can Cameron win his war on online porn?

The prime minster's speech yesterday promised a UK freed from the apparent dangers of adult material. But can such censorship really be achieved?
23 Jul 2013

Government puts in place £500m framework for educational ICT infrastructure services

£500m agreement will replace the Becta ICT services framework
22 Jul 2013

World gripped by security skills crisis in face of cyber crime epidemic, says Dell SecureWorks CTO

Jon Ramsey, CTO of Dell SecureWorks, tells Computing more skilled professionals are needed to fight epidemic of cyber crime
16 Jul 2013

Valve launches skills website for teen coders

Games company follows Microsoft and Google into the education sector
15 Jul 2013

New ICT curriculum 'too focused on development side of computing' says Corporate IT Forum

Digital skills targets remain 'woolly' says BSI education committee chairman
09 Jul 2013