"Big data is here, we just need to make sense of it", says Autonomy

Firm refutes Computacenter expert's claims that not all data is valuable
11 May 2012

‘We’ve not seen big data yet’ says Computacenter

Big data concept
While millions of terabytes are already mined per year, the data company tasked with overhauling Gatwick Airport's storage believes data is set to get much, much bigger
10 May 2012

Oracle loses its biggest Siebel implementation to SugarCRM

Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison
IBM dumps Siebel for open source alternative with cloud pedigree
02 May 2012

Oracle barred from lucrative US Federal Government contracts

Computer giant thrown off federal government software and services procurement programme following over-charging dispute
23 Apr 2012

Opinion: SMEs need help to compete in the government arena

The government must match its rhetoric about helping smaller vendors with action
19 Apr 2012

Analysis: SAP gears up for a database push

The software giant plans to use its HANA in-memory database technology as the spearhead of an ambitious assault on the wider database market
18 Apr 2012

CSC wins £400m MoD payroll administration contract

CSC has been named the preferred bidder for a major MoD deal - despite stinging criticism of the company's performance from the Public Accounts Committee
18 Apr 2012

Pledge to help SMEs rings hollow

17 Apr 2012

G-Cloud director Chris Chant to retire at the end of the month

Quits before completing Cloudstore, and after penning a damning blog about the current state of government IT
17 Apr 2012

Department for Education signs £575m ICT-for-schools deal

Information management and learning services form part of agreement
29 Mar 2012

Opinion: It’s time to open-source the Big Society

The collaborative nature of open source means it’s a perfect match for the government
02 Mar 2012

Dell acquires AppAssure for backup and storage

Dell's new acquisition provides software to support application protection across physical, virtual and cloud architectures
27 Feb 2012

Success by Planning for IT Project Failure: Part 2 – Failure of a Customer’s Performance Obligations

27 Feb 2012

Analysis: Industry reaction to the CloudStore

How will the new supplier list help in the procurement of IT services?
22 Feb 2012

Analysis: Cloud specialists – if you can’t beat them, buy them

Are Oracle and SAP’s recent acquisitions of cloud-based human capital management specialists a sign that all is not well with their SaaS strategies?
21 Feb 2012

Success by planning for IT failure – part 1: Scope and scope creep

21 Feb 2012

If Maude was really serious about waste...

21 Feb 2012

Big data: hands on or hands off?

Are enterprises better off using outside datacentre specialists when it comes to exploiting big data, and if so, what are the implications for the role of CIO?
21 Feb 2012

IT firm needed to build "nuts and bolts" of government Green Deal

Gemserv to launch tender for Green Deal Central Change database developer to store up to six million energy efficiency plans
20 Feb 2012

National Grid Metering seeks new ERP system

The new system will support its Industrial and Commercial business
14 Feb 2012

Insurer saves time and energy with Citrix VDI

Groupama has replaced 350 desktops with new virtual desktop infrastructure
10 Feb 2012

Analysis: Is Facebook reaching the peak of its success?

Its IPO raises questions about whether it will thrive or falter
06 Feb 2012

Keep proprietary tech out of schools

06 Feb 2012

Post Office seeks partner for £150m IT overhaul

Potential suppliers require a minimum turnover of £20m per annum
03 Feb 2012