Vendor focus: Sony – where did it all go wrong?

Why did the all-conquering trailblazer that so inspired Steve Jobs become just another electronics firm, and will it ever be able to reclaim its former glory?
28 Nov 2012

Analysis: SAP stares down its licensing critics

Concept image of SAP offices
Facing growing user unrest over maintenance payments for shelfware, among other issues, SAP UK’s Tim Noble last week advised customers to get around the negotiating table with their local SAP representatives
27 Nov 2012

SAP ‘has not been clear enough about the cost of migrating’ says user group chair

SAP building
Also demands option to trade in on-premise SAP licences for cloud ones
19 Nov 2012

Good Technology, MobileIron come with 'really serious constraints' says Westminster Council CIO

Vendors yet to come up with an MDM solution that allows true data merging and collaboration, says Goward
13 Nov 2012

Post-4G problems continue to plague Orange customers

No resolution from Orange as failing network coverage continues to frustrate customers
07 Nov 2012

UPDATED: Somerset County Council preparing for court in escalating conflict with IBM

Council preparing for court due to dispute over Southwest One shared services scheme
22 Oct 2012

Security is not a game of blame

17 Oct 2012

BMC stitched up by Singer

16 Oct 2012

HP overtaken as world's biggest PC vendor by Lenovo

Gartner figures show Lenovo edging ahead of HP in third quarter
11 Oct 2012

Analysis: The inexorable rise of NoSQL

Many firms find it hard to look past Oracle, IBM or HP for their data warehouse and business intelligence tools. But with the advent of big data, the niche players’ day may be dawning. John Leonard speaks to one of the upstarts
03 Oct 2012

Why Apple will continue to blossom

24 Sep 2012

Alzheimer’s Society opts for ‘easier’ over Microsoft Dynamics

Ease of use was the key attraction, according to non-profit organisation
21 Sep 2012

Finding the right chemistry: an interview with AstraZeneca's Angela Yochem

There can be few IT leaders who put as much faith in the concept of partnership as AstraZeneca’s CTO
05 Sep 2012

New Microsoft terms and conditions limit users’ legal options

Binding arbitration and class action waivers must be agreed to in order to keep using online services
04 Sep 2012

Foxconn shares fall following $226m net loss

Smartphone manufacturer for Nokia, Motorola and Sony blames 'sluggish' orders
28 Aug 2012

HP posts whopping $8.9bn loss

Revenues also fall by five per cent
23 Aug 2012

G-Cloud programme director slams ‘inaccurate’ use of sales data

Denise McDonagh defends G-Cloud progress; hits back at critics trying to 'trip up' the programme
17 Aug 2012

Telco suppliers go from boom to bust

Why are the big telecoms equipment vendors struggling in the age of IP?
06 Aug 2012

Interview: M&S CIO aims to make his mark

Darrell Stein hopes his IT strategy can boost sales and cut costs
02 Aug 2012

UK internet consumer business model 'doesn’t work' says Level 3

Fibre communications company calls for pay-as-you-consume broadband contracts
02 Aug 2012

Public-sector supplier blacklist planned by Francis Maude

Two companies already on blacklist, according to reports.
25 Jul 2012

Updated: Virgin, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere boycott net neutrality pact

ISPs refuse to sign 'full and open access' internet agreement
25 Jul 2012

Cisco axes 1,300 jobs and gets EC nod to acquire NDS

Two per cent of workforce cut as $5bn acquisition is given green light
24 Jul 2012

SAP's encouraging Q2 figures beginning of 'runaway growth story' says CEO

Record-breaking quarter put down to joint ASE and HANA uptake, say bosses
24 Jul 2012