Responsible data leak disclosure

16 Sep 2011

ICO slams University Hospital of South Manchester for DPA breach

The hospital lost personal information relating to the treatment of 87 patients
07 Sep 2011

Acas publishes employers guide to social media

The guide has sections on employment law and social media, policy formulation and cyber bullying
07 Sep 2011

ICO rebukes Scottish child protection agency over data security lapses

Sensitive information was sent to the wrong email address and left in a second-hand furniture shop
06 Sep 2011

Opinion: There is no Geneva Convention online

When it comes to cyber safety, the mantra should be “trust, but verify”
05 Sep 2011

It's Not About Apple vs. Microsoft, Or Apple vs. Google. It's About Freedom.

30 Aug 2011

Belfast architects billed £33,000 for software theft

BSA clobbers Coogan & Co on behalf of Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft
25 Aug 2011

Has RSA hack sown seeds of token resistance?

The recent high-profile cyber attack on the security specialist has raised questions about the effectiveness of two-factor authentication
23 Aug 2011

Former TV Dragon offers tips for online business

James Caan shares tips for heads of IT at SMEs on how to make the most out of web site investment
23 Aug 2011

Putting tablets to work

Computing’s recent web seminar on tablet devices examined their potential role in business, and the issues IT leaders need to consider when devising a tablet strategy
22 Aug 2011

Managing consumerisation

18 Aug 2011

StreetView review finds Google has upped its privacy game

ICO audit of search giant's privacy safeguards show signs of improved privacy practices
16 Aug 2011

Human Rights Commission calls for transparency on personal data

The Equality and Human Rights Commission wants the government to bring in changes that will better protect people's personal information
16 Aug 2011

Analysis: Should the ICO wield the carrot or the stick?

Fines have been levied at already strapped-for-cash councils - but is fining the right approach?
04 Aug 2011

Analysis: Government rules out web site blocking

But last week's landmark Newzbin2 ruling suggests the judiciary favours tough action against illegal file sharing
03 Aug 2011

Interview: BAE Systems head of strategy and architecture, Malcolm Carrie

Serving the IT needs of a large and expanding ‘federated’ user base that handles highly classified data can sometimes mean going against industry orthodoxies
03 Aug 2011

Sites use HTML5 to track web use

Study finds privacy issues around new web technology
02 Aug 2011

Do the goings-on in student dorms spell the end for Microsoft?

29 Jul 2011

Lancashire Police Authority criticised for leaking personal details on its web site

Body breached Data Protection Act by publishing details of an individual's confidential complaint
19 Jul 2011

Opinion: "I was hacked, so why am I being sued?"

Why organisations must take data security seriously
19 Jul 2011

Interview: Kaspersky Lab CTO Nikolai Grebennikov

Stuart Sumner meets a man who thrives on threats
19 Jul 2011

Passwords are SSO last season

Single sign-on can prevent “access amnesia” from hindering cloud initiatives
19 Jul 2011

When vendors cozy up to regulators

Stuart Sumner investigates how the likes of Microsoft are trying to shape new European Union regulations governing the protection of personal data
19 Jul 2011

Council staff barred from online meetings

Birmingham staff unable to access streamed council meetings because of internet controls
15 Jul 2011