What would eurogeddon mean for IT?

An illustration of the euro crumbling
What are the ramifications for enterprise technology chiefs of the eurozone imploding
13 Dec 2011

European Commission launches open data strategy

EU flag
Neelie Kroes expects it to deliver €40bn to EU economy each year
12 Dec 2011

ICO hits Powys with record data breach fine

Data security
Powys County Council fined £130,000 after mix-up with child protection reports
07 Dec 2011

Kaspersky quits Business Software Alliance

Leading Russian security firm says that it can't condone the BSA's support of a new US piracy law bill
07 Dec 2011

Deepwater dispute underscores need for e-discovery policy

Firms urged to take steps to ensure data doesn't get deleted in legal battles
06 Dec 2011

A critical software problem for banks

02 Dec 2011

Data loss epidemic at UK local authorities

Campaigners uncover more than 1,000 data loss incidents at UK councils over the past three years
23 Nov 2011

Leading law firm selects Egress to protect client data

Law firm Withy King has adopted technology from Egress Software to protect and control information shared with its clients
16 Nov 2011

DPA breaches must carry tougher penalties

14 Nov 2011

Technology firms improve carbon credentials

IT firms well placed in Environment Agency's CRC league tables
08 Nov 2011

MPs demand prison for breaches of the Data Protection Act

However the ICO argues that monetary penalties are a better way to deal with companies that breach the DPA
27 Oct 2011

Google reveals level of government snooping

Authorities asked search giant to hand over details of hundreds of accounts between January and June 2011
26 Oct 2011

UBS rogue trader losses highlight risk of relying on IT

Compliance and monitoring systems are no substitute for human judgement
25 Oct 2011

Data leaks: honesty really is the best policy

25 Oct 2011

Avoiding (awful) bad practice at audit time

18 Oct 2011

IBM now more valuable than Microsoft – so what's its secret?

IBM covers all the enterprise IT bases, and presents its company message clearly, unlike other tech leaders such as HP
06 Oct 2011

Can consumerisation be made to work?

IT leaders and industry insiders discuss the pros and cons of leaving users to their own devices
05 Oct 2011

MEPs want tougher e-waste targets

Eurocrats favour imposing target of 85 per cent of e-waste to be collected by 2016
04 Oct 2011

Pulling plug on NPfIT raises data issues

04 Oct 2011

Opinion: IT leaders could bring the economy crashing down

Should CTOs and CIOs give in to investment bankers’ demands for faster trading systems?
28 Sep 2011

Opinion: The recovery position

A sound disaster recovery plan is crucial to business continuity when the unforeseen occurs
21 Sep 2011

Cloud is riddled with risk

20 Sep 2011

ICO warns ministers over use of personal email accounts

Department for Education accused of trying to avoid FOI requests
20 Sep 2011

Responsible data leak disclosure

16 Sep 2011