Shared services: the only way is Essex

David Wilde is chief information officer at Westminster City Council
Essex County Council has tackled the data governance issues around shared services head on
17 Apr 2012

Report: IT directors believe EU data protection changes will raise costs

Businesses don’t believe European Commission’s assurances
03 Apr 2012

Danone uses custom SAP system to track carbon footprint

Various Danone products
French food giant aims to reduce emissions throughout product life cycle
03 Apr 2012

Consumerisation complicates IT governance

Unrestricted use of consumer devices and public file-sharing services complicates IT governance and investigations, says forensic expert
03 Apr 2012

BSA tackles Rugby-based power company over unlicensed software

Converteam UK has to pay out more than £8,000
26 Mar 2012

CIOs fear business leaders see cloud as way to circumvent IT

Public cloud services are undermining internal IT teams, according to report
23 Mar 2012

Europe’s new data protection laws will cause conflict with the US, warn legal experts

National Security Letters involving EU citizens won’t be recognised
23 Mar 2012

Lancashire police fined after losing data on vulnerable girl

Police force must pay £70,000 fine after details of a missing girl were found in the street
14 Mar 2012

Microsoft tracks greenhouse gases in the cloud

Software giant deploys application to tot up its energy use across the globe
12 Mar 2012

Revoke legacy privileged accounts – or pay the consequences

08 Mar 2012

Essential guide to social media and consumerisation in the enterprise

Martin Courtney reveals how both users and CIOs are shaping social business and bring-your-own-device strategies
07 Mar 2012

Q&A: Bring-your-own policies bring legal risks

Consumerisation has the potential to land CIOs in legal hot water.
07 Mar 2012

Feature: Are your smartphones in safe hands?

Employee smartphones can expose organisations to serious risks. Here are the measures IT leaders need to take to counter them
06 Mar 2012

Opinion: Storage virtualisation in the cloud

Cloud-based managed service providers are well equipped to tackle latency and compliance issues
01 Mar 2012

Success by Planning for IT Project Failure: Part 2 – Failure of a Customer’s Performance Obligations

27 Feb 2012

Opinion: For every leak, there’s a solution

Data protection officers cannot be expected to combat breaches without the right tools
21 Feb 2012

Opinion: Patient privacy requires urgent treatment

IT chiefs must put measures in place to monitor, detect and deter staff breaches of patient data
14 Feb 2012

Wellcome Trust CIO extols the virtues of tablets

130 iPads put in circulation to help ease logistical problems with papers
07 Feb 2012

Analysis: Data protection – is the EU going too far?

Many businesses fear that the new data protection proposals will mean an extra burden of cost at a time when they can least afford it
06 Feb 2012

Opinion: Eliminating human error from data loss risk

The time has come for data storage to move away from outdated technologies
25 Jan 2012

Hospital faces £375,000 ICO fine after data sold on eBay

Brighton and Sussex General says it will challenge the decision
16 Jan 2012

Generation Y needs to grow up

09 Jan 2012

Opinion: Time to shed light on the dark art of behavioural advertising

New laws should bring some much-needed transparency to the way cookies are used
06 Jan 2012

Financial services firm loses 1.4 million customer records

Cattles Group admits losing backup tapes storing customer information, while the ICO investigates
06 Jan 2012