Updated: Virgin, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere boycott net neutrality pact

Virgin Media store
ISPs refuse to sign 'full and open access' internet agreement
25 Jul 2012

Olympics website least robust of all key London 2012 sites, says traffic survey

Increased visits during Games could bring official 2012 site to its knees
25 Jul 2012

Analysis: EU cookie law puts analytics under scrutiny

Sooraj Shah talks to legal experts about the extent to which the EU’s cookie directive restricts website analytics
16 Jul 2012

Cloud was a non-starter for London 2012, says LOCOG CIO

Preparation time too short, cloud infrastructure too immature says Gerry Pennell
10 Jul 2012

Video: IT at UEFA in 2012

UEFA's head of ICT, Daniel Marion, tells Computing about the organisation's policies on BYOD and IT security
05 Jul 2012

Sheffield CIO is right to resist BYOD

04 Jul 2012

Corporate America has 'no security at all' claims authentication expert

ENCAP CEO Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen blasts 'monstrous' losses racked up due to poor security
04 Jul 2012

How Tesco and co are testing the limits of customer data exploitation

If a consumer agrees to share information with retailers, can they complain when data about their shopping habits and lifestyle choices are used to milk them for more money?
04 Jul 2012

‘I’m not a fan of BYOD’ says Visa Europe CTO

Device independence fine in theory, says Visa CTO, but security should be paramount
21 Jun 2012

Legal opinion: When Twitter users fall foul of the law

Susan Hall says the social media giant could and should do more to protect itself - and its users - against legal problems and reputational damage
19 Jun 2012

Eighty per cent of UK organisations still not compliant with EU cookie law

Deadline ignored by enterprises despite risk of £500,000 fine
06 Jun 2012

Cyber security debate shifts from technology to psychology

The kids aren't all right, says speaker at Westminster Cyber eForum
01 Jun 2012

ICO begins consultation on the release of anonymous data

Public privacy rights must be safeguarded, says Information Commissioner
31 May 2012

ICO sets up online survey as cookie complaints rise

Online form to help watchdog gauge impact of EU rules as complaints come in
29 May 2012

Security monitoring of employee behaviour on the rise – Gartner

Two-thirds of companies will have formal monitoring programmes by 2015, with social media the focus, say analysts – but there are risks
29 May 2012

Google Apps for Business awarded ISO 27001 certification

Others should follow Google's lead and engender greater confidence in the cloud, says Ovum
29 May 2012

Retailer slams ICO over 'embarrassing banality' of revised cookie law guidance

ICO criticised for last-minute guidance changes, but lawyer warns no significant policy shift has taken place
28 May 2012

Protect and survive: an essential guide to data protection regulation

Recent legislative changes in the EU and US have serious implications for any organisation that stores and processes personal data. So what do CIOs need to do to ensure they stay on the right side of the regulators?
08 May 2012

The Protection of Freedoms Act: how it affects data

Graeme Burton looks at the new Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, and its implications for data collection and retention
07 May 2012

Google launches new cloud storage service (UPDATED)

Google Drive could spur on Facebook to make acquisition, says analyst
24 Apr 2012

Bring your own device would not work in MoD, says defence chief

Security measures would negate benefits of consumerisation
24 Apr 2012

Bring your own device-related spending to top £2bn by 2016

Some 9.5 million employees in the UK will be using their own computing devices for work, according to a new report
19 Apr 2012

Analysis: Conflicting forces of cyber law and order

New EU initiatives may duplicate, or even undermine, efforts to protect the UK’s financial services industry from cyber crime. And as Sooraj Shah and Andrew Charlesworth report, this is the last thing the sector needs
18 Apr 2012

Opinion: Security officers find shelter from the firing line

Changes in the way enterprises approach risk mean CISOs are no longer scapegoats-in-waiting
17 Apr 2012