Banks told to establish social media risk management programme

Draft report from regulator calls for banks to draw up social media policies – even covering employees' personal social media use
24 Jan 2013

Research: Virtualisation and the rise of audit anxiety in the datacentre

Audits have increased with the rise of virtualisation technology, spreading fear and loathing in the datacentre. John Leonard highlights the areas where IT leaders are most likely to come a cropper
23 Jan 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook to have four hours’ questioning over alleged anti-poaching deals

Apple chief executive Tim Cook
Google, Intel and others also involved in lawsuit
18 Jan 2013

Bundestag sends 'Google Tax' to committee

German parliament will decide if Google is to be charged to link media content
30 Nov 2012

Privacy groups respond to Facebook's proposed policy changes

Instagram data sharing and reduced email restrictions questioned
27 Nov 2012

Computing research: keeping data out of the wrong hands

John Leonard explains how organisation can safely navigate the changing threat landscape
26 Nov 2012

ICO publishes best practice code on anonymisation of data

Code explains issues surrounding anonymisation of personal data and its disclosure
21 Nov 2012

Good Technology, MobileIron come with 'really serious constraints' says Westminster Council CIO

Vendors yet to come up with an MDM solution that allows true data merging and collaboration, says Goward
13 Nov 2012

Opinion: For better security, honesty is the best policy

The IT industry’s tendency to brush security breaches under the carpet is not doing anyone any favours, particularly users, argues Simon Bain
12 Nov 2012

Case study: Amnesty UK’s mission to the cloud

The campaign group’s IT chief tells Sooraj Shah why it decided to move to a cloud infrastructure and describes the challenges it met along the way
22 Oct 2012

Security is not a game of blame

17 Oct 2012

Making a Europe fit for the cloud

The global nature of cloud computing is creating headaches for those trying to craft a coherent set of rules
16 Oct 2012

Exclusive: confidential Alcatel-Lucent files discovered on eBay laptop

Documents reveal faults, security information and personal chat logs
12 Oct 2012

Video: The growing security challenges of a BYOD future

Veracode VP Chris Eng considers best practices for own devices
08 Oct 2012

Keep data for AT LEAST six years, say lawyers

Pinsent Masons lays down the law on data retention
08 Oct 2012

The identity bridge – the extended value of single sign on

05 Oct 2012

Name and shame bad security vendors, not customers, says Simplexo CTO

‘Best practice’ used as excuse for poor performance and needs revamp, says Simon Bain
25 Sep 2012

Berners-Lee launches international index to chart political and social impact of web

Sweden tops index while the UK - perhaps surprisingly - comes third
06 Sep 2012

Compliance in the cloud

30 Aug 2012

Google Wallet in the cloud shows ulterior motive, says security company

Realities of security also a concern as sensitive data hits the cloud
08 Aug 2012

Online gambling industry 'ignores' data protection and privacy laws

Privacy International founder blasts gambling companies over privacy and data protection – and the ICO for failing to take action
06 Aug 2012

Dropbox hack could be 'detrimental' to future business, says SafeNet

Firm could pay a high price for failure to implement two-factor authentication, says security expert
03 Aug 2012

Cloud providers show 'little thought' for security says forensic expert

Onus for improvement on customers, not providers, he adds
02 Aug 2012

Updated: Virgin, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere boycott net neutrality pact

ISPs refuse to sign 'full and open access' internet agreement
25 Jul 2012