NHS data revolution coming

A GS1 barcoded wristband for hospital patients
Mandatory use of patient NHS numbers makes 'data revolution real' says NHS England director Tim Kelsey
07 Jun 2013

Average cost of a data breach for UK organisations rises to over £2m

Concept image of broken USB representing a data leak
Report by Symantec and Ponemon also suggests malicious attacks increasing as a cause of data breaches
05 Jun 2013

Mobile working means 90 per cent of IT departments worry about compliance, says report

Woman working from home while holding a baby
Intralinks report suggests employees are taking shortcuts that compromise IP and data
05 Jun 2013

Half of UK organisations not compliant with EU cookie law

Much-criticised EU law on cookies still being ignored by organisations, claims KPMG
29 May 2013

Apple targeted in EU smartphone antitrust probe

EU wants to know whether Apple practices cut out Samsung, HTC, Nokia and other smartphone makers
28 May 2013

Keeping NI Group fit to print: an interview with the newspaper giant's CISO

Chief information security officer Amar Singh says newspaper publishers like NI Group face growing threats from cyber space, while BYOD and social media are making data leaks increasingly likely. So how is he tackling these challenges?
15 May 2013

The internet ‘needs a delete button’, says Google CEO Schmidt

'Let me be very clear that Google is not tracking's not doing all these things,' says Schmidt
07 May 2013

Amazon announces global certification scheme for AWS

New qualifications designed to widen appeal of public cloud to enterprise customers
03 May 2013

Google recalled to parliament to clarify tax questions

Investigation finds sales staff may be based in UK, which would make Google liable for sales taxes
02 May 2013

'There is no info security risk; there is just risk' says Santander risk chief

Risk needs to be addressed by teams that boast a broad range of skills, says Paisley
24 Apr 2013

'Without Splunk we might be taken out of the market,' says Barclays

Head of security services praises Splunk for helping it comply with regulations
19 Apr 2013

Apple CEO apologises to China over warranty complaints

'Arrogant' tech company promises to overhaul consumer practices
02 Apr 2013

Google fined $7m over Street View data harvesting

Company settles with 38 US states over the illegal collection of personal data
13 Mar 2013

Computing research: Industrial control systems under attack

The systems controlling our nuclear facilities could be 20 years old and unpatched. What could possibly go wrong? John Leonard and Danny Palmer investigate
06 Mar 2013

Horse meat saga: CIO explains how IT can help

IT's role is to ensure processes run properly and the supply chain is correctly managed
06 Mar 2013

Down and out: lessons of the 2e2 saga

When a company like 2e2 goes into administration, datacentre users can find just how few rights they have. Graeme Burton examines the options
19 Feb 2013

ICO fines Nursing and Midwifery Council £150,000 for data loss

Deputy Information Commissioner urges organisations to take more care with sensitive data
18 Feb 2013

Data now safer in the cloud than in-house, says Mazars chief

Google and Microsoft solutions particularly desirable, says infrastructure manager Jayson Dudley
13 Feb 2013

UK Safari users seek damages against Google over privacy breaches

US fine does not reflect the international nature of the privacy breaches, says consumer group
28 Jan 2013

VMware: 'BYOD is a misnomer, MDM is stop-gap tech'

'We’re too hung up on device ownership,' says chief tech Baguley
25 Jan 2013

H4cked Off: ICO's Sony fine is nowt but a slap on the wrist

Is the ICO too scared or too lazy to take on the private sector?
24 Jan 2013

Banks told to establish social media risk management programme

Draft report from regulator calls for banks to draw up social media policies – even covering employees' personal social media use
24 Jan 2013

Research: Virtualisation and the rise of audit anxiety in the datacentre

Audits have increased with the rise of virtualisation technology, spreading fear and loathing in the datacentre. John Leonard highlights the areas where IT leaders are most likely to come a cropper
23 Jan 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook to have four hours’ questioning over alleged anti-poaching deals

Google, Intel and others also involved in lawsuit
18 Jan 2013