New Public Services Network CTO aims to make PSN less complicated

James Duncan admits PSN is difficult to understand and that the current compliance regime is 'fraught with problems'
19 Jan 2015

Global governments negotiating ‘mega trade deal’ to threaten internet freedoms and international privacy, alleges ‘leaked’ report

Cross-border information exchange and ISP management are focus
19 Dec 2014

Intel's Chris Shaw on getting into big data

When 'double digit growth' in data just isn't enough, new plans are needed...
19 Dec 2014

Technology focus for 2015: Intel

What is Intel's IT director for EMEA and APAC planning for next year and beyond?
15 Dec 2014

Huawei unearths corruption in internal investigation

116 employees suspected of soliciting and accepting bribes from external sales agents
12 Sep 2014

'Staff would just open up Dropbox accounts all over the place' admits US government services CIO

A salutary lesson on shadow IT and why enterprise-grade cloud sharing platforms are a good idea
05 Sep 2014

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2014: 'There’s no ROI in BYOD'

'Not a cost play' says UBS head of client-facing mobile Paul Whitby
12 Jun 2014

Organisations must have a proper BYOD policy, says ICO

Information Commissioner's Office warns that employees need guidance as to how to handle data on personal devices
09 Jan 2014

Charting progress through awards

Egress Software Technologies followed up its 2011 UK IT Industry Award for security innovation with an even more prestigious accolade in November
16 Dec 2013

Budge up CIO, make room for the chief data officer

The drive to create value out of data means a new executive role - the CDO - is needed, says Mario Faria of ServiceSource
13 Dec 2013

BYOD vs CYOD: IT leaders explain their preference

Practitioners of both approaches to enterprise mobility discussed their advantages and drawbacks at Computing’s most recent IT Leaders’ Forum
03 Dec 2013

Cyber attacks – up close and personal

Cyber criminals have changed tactics. It’s up to the IT department to let everyone know
25 Nov 2013

Better education required to counter ‘culture of carelessness’ and protect mobile data from hackers

Security experts at Trend Micro roundtable debate how to fight threat of mobile data theft
21 Nov 2013

UBS mitigates risk and reduces IT costs with Sailpoint IdentityIQ

The Swiss bank's Head of BBS service delivery, Ralf Kappler, tells Computing why the bank opted for Sailpoint and what benefits it brings
09 Oct 2013

Governments seek data on 38,000 Facebook users in six months

US authorities made over half of requests for user information in first six months of 2013
28 Aug 2013

How Southern NHS fixed its fractured security

Southern Health has migrated from a fragmented IT set-up that was putting patient data at risk to a new user-friendly yet highly secure infrasructure in just 12 months
23 Jul 2013

Employees are the biggest threat to cyber security, says report

Research by IT Governance suggests over half of IT execs believe human error by staff is the biggest cause of data breaches
15 Jul 2013

Post Office admits computer system at centre of sub-postmaster prosecutions had bugs

However PO says probe into Horizon software justifies its 'confidence in the overall system'
09 Jul 2013

MasterCard and Visa banning VPN providers, says Swedish payment service Payson

‘Urgent requirement’ from credit card companies behind sudden policy change
04 Jul 2013

IT departments failing to protect sensitive data on mobile devices

Report by Ponemon Institute suggests more needs to be done to comply with privacy and data protection legislation
25 Jun 2013

No fine for Google Street View, but data it still holds must be deleted, rules ICO

Google given 35 days to delete private data it's been holding for over three years
24 Jun 2013

ICO issues Google with notice over street car data collection

Enforcement notice served as ongoing ICO investigation continues into Google practices
21 Jun 2013

Half of businesses will not deal with companies who have suffered data breaches

Report suggests businesses wary of those who have lost information, despite their own patchy protection policies
21 Jun 2013

Yahoo subjected to 12,000 data requests in six months under Prism

CEO Marrissa Mayer calls for government to reconsider its stance on FISA
18 Jun 2013