Careers and skills

IT job seekers need to have the gift of the gab

A businessman wearing a tie
Virgin Media Business research shows that communication skills are more valuable than academic achievements
15 Apr 2011

British Gas launches IT apprenticeship scheme

British Gas engineers
New scheme for school leavers to get into IT
14 Apr 2011

Huawei to double UK headcount

A digital Union Jack
Chinese firm plans to add another 500 roles over next three years
14 Apr 2011

Turning work into play will drive innovation

Gaming could revolutionise business processes, says Gartner
12 Apr 2011

Fujitsu announces new UK CEO

Duncan Tait, formerly managing director of the private sector business, heads up UK and Ireland
12 Apr 2011

Re-imagining IT

11 Apr 2011

Agile development takes practice

But it's worth the effort
07 Apr 2011

IT job market swinging back in favour of candidates

With fewer applicants around, good candidates can demand higher salaries
07 Apr 2011

IT leads the way in promoting social mobility

The tech sector is ahead of the game as government promotes internships
06 Apr 2011

Moving to Windows 7: is it now or never?

Our IT Leaders Forum panel expressed strong and sometimes diverging views on the merits of migrating to Microsoft’s latest operating system
05 Apr 2011

Decision criteria for open source and proprietary software

Not sure which route to take? Read our guide
05 Apr 2011

CIOs are best placed to fill the CEO role

Leading consultant argues that being a CIO is the best preparation for leading a company
04 Apr 2011

The key role IT execs must play in finalising business contracts

04 Apr 2011

Report: IT departments must harness social media

Ovum report argues that social media is becoming a must-have service management tool
01 Apr 2011

The case for retiring old software (and software developers)

Do some employees quietly cling on to applications long past their sell-by date to keep themselves in a job?
31 Mar 2011

IT jobs on the line as Northern Rock looks to restructure

Loss-making bank could cut up to 680 staff
31 Mar 2011

IT Leaders Forum: Why making a business case for Windows 7 is a waste of time

CIOs at the event argue that assessing the costs and benefits of Microsoft's OS is practically impossible
30 Mar 2011

Ability to communicate trumps technical skills, say IT students

Research suggests IT-savviness is not highly prized
30 Mar 2011

University of Wales teams up with MIT on cyber security

Universities team up to develop a training programme and solutions for cyber security research
28 Mar 2011

Gender discrimination widespread in IT

Yet almost all women would still prefer a male boss
28 Mar 2011

WOT DATT consultants must walk the walk

25 Mar 2011

Former minister says cutbacks threaten cyber crime fight

Alun Michael says coalition is closing much-needed centres of expertise
24 Mar 2011

Budget analysis: A broadly positive response from the tech industry

With tax breaks and incentives and apprenticeship schemes likely to give the sector a boost
23 Mar 2011

How to make outsourcing pay for client and supplier

Both parties must have a coherent business plan and be able to prove they are a suitable match
23 Mar 2011