Microsoft Surface: insanely brilliant or a suicidal folly?

Will Microsoft's new tablet conquer the market, or kill the company's OEM relationships stone dead?
19 Jun 2012

Android activations approach one million per day

Toshiba AT300 tablet with Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Double the rate this time last year, but growth is slowing
12 Jun 2012

iOS 6 announced at Apple WWDC 2012

An Apple iPad
768GB SSD MacBook Pro and FaceTime on mobile networks also debuted
11 Jun 2012

Apple and Samsung patent 'peace talks' begin

Mobile technology giants meet in court to settle long-running IP dispute
21 May 2012

‘BYOD the only sustainable way forward’ says Liverpool NHS IT chief

Own devices key to cutting health service costs in coming years, claims tech-leading hospital, although strategy could result in job losses, IT chief warns
17 May 2012

Apple reasserts tablet dominance despite slump in global sales

Apple continues to rule but competition could be about to get stiffer
10 May 2012

Intel's hybrid ultrabooks offer hope for the PC brigade

Intel’s new concept – dubbed Cove Point – promises to combine the usability of a tablet with the performance and manageability of a business laptop. Does the device represent the last chance for the PC market?
09 May 2012

Barclays customers beware

02 May 2012

Apple forced to remove iPad 4G claims from website

Latest iPad claims 4G feature, but the UK currently has no available 4G service, and when it does, it will be incompatible with Apple's tablet device
01 May 2012

Bring your own device-related spending to top £2bn by 2016

Some 9.5 million employees in the UK will be using their own computing devices for work, according to a new report
19 Apr 2012

Interview: Retail in the iPad age

John Lewis IT chief Paul Coby tells Stuart Sumner how the tablet phenomenon is impacting customer service and online sales at the retail giant
19 Apr 2012

Puss artists

18 Apr 2012

Apple investigating Wi-Fi issues with new iPad, says leaked document

Meanwhile, Apple's seminal tablet has yet to secure enterprise dominance
05 Apr 2012

Interview: Barclays banks on innovation

Enabling customer-facing staff to access bespoke financial services apps using tablet computers is just one of several ways in which COO Shaygan Kheradpir is transforming the retail banking experience at Barclays
03 Apr 2012

How tablets can be put to work

While there is a lot of hype behind tablet computers, they are already doing a worthwhile job in many niche areas. And the advent of Windows 8 may see even wider uptake
03 Apr 2012

When it comes to doing real work, PCs rule

02 Apr 2012

IT Leaders Forum: Intelligent networking for an uncertain world

IT leaders from a range of sectors gathered in London this month to discuss how networks need to evolve to meet changing user requirements, support new business opportunities and mitigate potential threats
22 Mar 2012

You are a basket case

20 Mar 2012

Analysis: Rise of the cloud – this time it’s personal

The personal computer is dead, again. Long live the personal cloud
20 Mar 2012

The generation Y revolution: new attitudes, new expectations

Organisations must adapt their working practices to a new generation of workers
19 Mar 2012

Interview: Bloomberg's content moves with the times

Bloomberg’s mobile guru talks about the impact smartphones and tablets are having on the way organisations disseminate and consume information
15 Mar 2012

Mozilla developing IE10 rival for Windows 8

Mozilla is developing a new version of Firefox that will function across both desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8
13 Mar 2012

Opinion: Everyone’s consumerised, except me

All, bar one, seem to be moving inexorably towards increasing consumerisation at the office
08 Mar 2012

Essential guide to social media and consumerisation in the enterprise

Martin Courtney reveals how both users and CIOs are shaping social business and bring-your-own-device strategies
07 Mar 2012