Amazon 'wiped Kindle' over 'abuse' claims

amazon kindle paperlight ereader front screen
Everything deleted from customer Kindle – but Amazon refuses to explain why
23 Oct 2012

Cleaning out the data pipes

22 Oct 2012

Flash-based SSDs 'making headway' in the datacentre, claims Scott Dietzen

Samsung flash ssd drive
Applications will need a rewrite, though, to take full advantage of Flash
18 Oct 2012

The shape of datacentres to come: greener, leaner and, much, much bigger

The datacentres of the future will need to be markedly more energy efficient, while corporate computing needs will increasingly be split between essential applications managed in-house and applications delivered 'in the cloud'
18 Oct 2012

Google says security is better in the cloud, but many doubts remain

Eran Feigenbaum says cloud security offers more protection, but Computing research suggests he has an uphill struggle convincing others
16 Oct 2012

Police force fined £120,000 for data breach

ICO fines Greater Manchester Police after investigation prompted by stolen memory stick
16 Oct 2012

Wozniak: Flash is the future for storage

Spinning disk vendors face RIM-like decline, says Apple founder
25 Sep 2012

It’s all in the detail – just what is cloud recovery all about?

11 Sep 2012

Case studies needed to overcome cloud concerns

Cisco CTO believes businesses need more positive use-case examples
07 Sep 2012

The cloud – business continuity at affordable pricing?

05 Sep 2012

Case Study: When REAL disaster strikes

How BlackBay overcame two major earthquakes by a combination of resilience, new technology – and old technology
08 Aug 2012

Cloud providers show 'little thought' for security says forensic expert

Onus for improvement on customers, not providers, he adds
02 Aug 2012

Computing IT skills survey 2012

John Leonard reviews the skills that IT professionals should be adding to their armoury
01 Aug 2012

Rackspace pencils in mid-August for UK launch of OpenStack

Rackspace global rollout of open-source platform for cloud computing reaches UK on 15 August
01 Aug 2012

Opinion: Don’t ban mobile file sharing. Secure it

Enterprise-ready cloud storage services will allay firms’ security fears
30 Jul 2012

Anglia Ruskin University selects Violin storage ahead of Hitachi and Fusion-io

Violin Memory “out-performed” competitors, says IT director
19 Jul 2012

Vendor watch: Amazon – A gift for disruption

Having transformed the way we buy books, and then consumer goods in general, Amazon is now blazing a disruptive trail through enterprise IT
17 Jul 2012

How Tesco and co are testing the limits of customer data exploitation

If a consumer agrees to share information with retailers, can they complain when data about their shopping habits and lifestyle choices are used to milk them for more money?
04 Jul 2012

Vendor lock-in and cost fears over cloud justified, says DataCore CEO

Computing Research findings backed up by George Teixeira
04 Jul 2012

FOI request: Public sector favours legacy over open-source storage

Only one of 44 government departments is using open-source storage
19 Jun 2012

Amazon S3 passes one trillion object mark

Online storage facility has 142 objects for every person on the planet
13 Jun 2012

'If you want to go EMC, go buy EMC – we’ll virtualise all of it' says HDS CEO Domme

Hitachi Data Systems boss sees industry future in heterogeneous data virtualisation and vertical-sector analytics
30 May 2012

Storage capacity slowdown can be buffered by virtualisation, says HDS’ Yoshida

Thai floods and tech ceiling can be countered by intelligent use of existing resources, says HDS CTO
28 May 2012

Google cloud will rain on IT’s parade

24 May 2012