The Top 10 best iPhone apps for enterprise users

iOS 7 will be available on the iPhone 5
Sooraj Shah looks at the apps that can boost productivity when you're on the move
08 Jul 2013

HMRC moves file and printer servers to the cloud to reduce lost office hours

A photo of the HMRC building against a cloudy sky
Cetralised storage solution also enables HMRC to cut costs and reduce risk of data loss
27 Jun 2013

Microsoft investing in $700m data centre to power Xbox One

Firm benefits from tax incentives to invest in Iowa
24 Jun 2013

NetApp helps CERN to crack riddle of the universe

Danny Palmer looks at the role NetApp storage technology is playing in CERN’s search for the Higgs Boson particle
12 Jun 2013

McLaren and IO partner to develop greener data centres

Data centre provider to draw on F1 experience to make systems more energy efficient
07 Jun 2013

Data centres: How to manage your storage in a fast-moving tech landscape

Industry experts offer advice on keeping ahead of the data pack
24 May 2013

Avere Systems keeps CGI specialists Framestore rolling

Framestore CTO Stephen MacPherson tells Computing how Avere storage filers keeps the visual effects studio running
15 May 2013

Wellington College compresses emails on-premise with Barracuda

Storage needs reduced by 80 per cent says IT director
15 May 2013

Crash Podcast: Ethical hacking, USB flash drives, consumerisation and Nokia

On this week's podcast we discuss ethical hacking, the death of the USB flash drive, Nokia's crashing feature-phone sales and the consumerisation of corporate IT
14 May 2013

When technology meets art: embracing a digital future at the Southbank Centre

London’s Southbank Centre is on course to become the world’s most technologically advanced arts complex
14 May 2013

Research: the autonomous data centre is far from dead

Despite rumours of its imminent demise, all the signs are that the company-owned data centre is part of a hybrid computing future
02 May 2013

Onsite control trumps cloud convenience for backup, says Sepaton

Despite the growing volume of data large firms are keeping backups in-house
12 Mar 2013

Down and out: lessons of the 2e2 saga

When a company like 2e2 goes into administration, datacentre users can find just how few rights they have. Graeme Burton examines the options
19 Feb 2013

Dell sees demand for cloud rise as 'CIA anxiety' fades

European businesses more willing to adopt cloud for some types of data, Dell tells Computing
31 Jan 2013

Computing research: taming the data monster

A look at some of the technologies Computing readers are deploying to tackle the enormous demand for storage
09 Jan 2013

CES 2013: 'SuperSpeed' USB 3.0 products out next year

Spec for double-speed USB response to Apple's Thunderbolt connector to be thrashed out soon
07 Jan 2013

Big data in 2013

Will the big data bubble burst? John Leonard makes some New Year predictions on this and other issues
02 Jan 2013

Big data: 2012 in review

2012 was the year that big data went from the server room to the board room
17 Dec 2012

Dixons Retail to deploy Office 365 in move towards flexible working

Retailer will 'continue to be progressive' in delivering service
11 Dec 2012

Google allows customers to store data in Europe

Tech giant tries to combat legal issues with updates to cloud platform
27 Nov 2012

NHS Trust issues tender of up to £100m for IT hardware

Hardware to include tablets and desktops
26 Nov 2012

In the eye of the storm: How PEER1 kept its datacentre running throughout Hurricane Sandy

Cloud host PEER1 tells Computing how it kept its New York datacentre online throughout Hurricane Sandy
02 Nov 2012

Case Study: Private cloud at Wolfestone

Translation services firm explains why it has deployed a private cloud system rather than public or hybrid variants
26 Oct 2012

Amazon 'wiped Kindle' over 'abuse' claims

Everything deleted from customer Kindle – but Amazon refuses to explain why
23 Oct 2012