Microsoft to reduce datacentre PUE to 1.25 within 24 months

Microsoft sign on wall
The giant has created modular datacentres and designed a new motherboard to help it go green
18 Apr 2011

Facebook to share green datacentre design with competitors

Facebook's Open Compute server racks at its datacentre in Prineville Oregon (Photo by Alan Brandt)
The social networking company says its new facility uses 38 per cent less energy than its older datacentres
11 Apr 2011

Intel launches server processors for mission-critical datacentres

The interior of a datacentre
Intel Xeon E7 processors deliver up to 40 per cent more performance than their predecessors
05 Apr 2011

Birmingham Airport never wants to buy another server following virtualisation project

Five per cent physical server CPU utilisation made airport ripe for virtualisation success
10 Mar 2011

Loughborough University opts for hybrid cloud to keep costs down

Private cloud services still too pricey, says university IT manager
10 Mar 2011

Blades point up datacentre cooling inadequacies, say analysts

Gartner report recommends high density zones to optimise power and cooling provision
02 Mar 2011

Server sales saw strong 2010, says analyst

Much to the delight of HP and IBM
25 Feb 2011

Sun service contracts “anti-competitive” says industry body

Service Industry Association broadens its complaint against Oracle
18 Feb 2011

University of Salford aims for shared student services with £5.7m datacentre upgrade

University to fund datacentre expansion by sharing infrastructure with other academic institutions
17 Feb 2011

Microsoft boosts its virtualisation credentials with new service pack

Microsoft releases combo service pack 1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 systems
09 Feb 2011

Mobile datacentre pushes Team Lotus up the grid

Portable Dell servers process real-time performance data from Formula 1 cars for trackside mechanics
27 Jan 2011

How to cut datacentre energy costs

25 Jan 2011

UK firms skimping on virtual backups, says report

German and Dutch organisations lead disaster recovery barometer
18 Jan 2011

Ellison declares war on HP's server business

Oracle chief says rival's technology is slow and vulnerable
07 Dec 2010

Article on Apple’s security credentials paints a misleading picture

30 Nov 2010

Protecting OS X users is a piece of cake

30 Nov 2010

Let the mainframe rule again

30 Nov 2010

Building an indestructible business using SACD

When RAID or MAID are not enough - you need SACD
25 Nov 2010

Interview: Severn Trent Water CIO Myron Hrycyk

Hrycyk talks about the ERP and mobility projects recently undertaken at the water company, and plans to let staff use personal tablet devices
22 Nov 2010

Gartner offers tips on datacentre efficiency

Enterprises wasting fortunes on poorly designed datacentres, says analyst firm
18 Nov 2010

IT leaders call on cloud vendors to rethink terms and conditions

IT Leaders Forum speakers also warn would-be cloud users to prepare an exit strategy
17 Nov 2010

Quantum leaps forward

15 Nov 2010

VMware defends server virtualisation pricing

Battle raging with Microsoft over software cost and complexity for small business customers
15 Nov 2010

Buyers hold sway over colocation market

Capacity oversupply means now is a good time for enterprise IT departments to negotiate a new colocation deal
12 Nov 2010