Virgin loosens laptop rules

Battery serial numbers to be checked in hunt for exploding batteries
26 Sep 2006

Faxes double as printers for mobile devices

PremiereAnywhere lets users of net-enabled handsets send print jobs to any nearby fax machine
22 Sep 2006

Batteries charge via USB port

Computer users can ditch bulky chargers for their rechargeable batteries with Moixa’s USB cells
20 Sep 2006

Airlines look at mobile phone boarding passes

Electronic barcodes to replace magnetic strip boarding passes by 2010
14 Sep 2006

Police scheme widens scope

Computer purchasing initiative extended to other justice bodies
14 Sep 2006

Palm unveils Windows Treo for Europe

The Windows-based Palm Treo 750v will be available through Vodafone and supports push email
12 Sep 2006

Panasonic laptops hit by battery curse

Panasonic announces recall and joins vendors suffering battery problems
06 Sep 2006

Less power to the people

Will headlines about exploding batteries deter vendors from the quest for an all-day laptop?
05 Sep 2006

Government pledges £20m to Galileo satellite system

DTI gives further money to European navigation project
30 Aug 2006

Palm Windows Treo for Europe next month?

A September European debut is rumoured for Palm’s Microsoft-based smartphone
21 Aug 2006

Headway on low-energy chip

Cambridge scientists grow carbon nanotubes at low temperatures in bid for energy savings
17 Aug 2006

Mobile breakthrough doubles chip speed

University of Southampton boost wireless transistors to record processing speeds
17 Aug 2006

Mobiles cut paper use for Volvo subsidiary

Engineers can deliver reports in real time and automatically invoice customers
10 Aug 2006

Tested: Eleksen fabric keyboard for PDAs

The ElekTex wireless keyboard weigh just 68g, speeds text input, and is made mostly of cloth
31 Jul 2006

Toshiba toughens up its budget laptops

EasyGuard technology should help even cheap Toshiba laptops to bounce back after a fall
28 Jul 2006

Scots save with online buying

Eprocurement set to realise £200m savings for Scottish Executive
27 Jul 2006

System simulates fault tolerance of the brain

University of Manchester to build brain style computer
27 Jul 2006

ARM's device simulator aids developers

Chip designer ARM's System Generator tool allows developers to preview handheld apps on a PC 
24 Jul 2006

BancTec no longer picks Blackberrys

IT support firm chooses smartphones to boost mobile working
30 Jun 2006

PC failures in decline, research claims

But suppliers can still do more, says Gartner
27 Jun 2006

Visa to trial contactless payments

Card company to introduce hands-off approach to shopping
27 Jun 2006

NHS fails to secure mobile data

NHS mobile devices have inadequate data security.
27 Jun 2006

Unipart tracks vehicles online

Company signs £2.5m deal to track fleet in real time
27 Jun 2006

Mark Warner staff go remote

IP platform enables travel company to embrace remote working
26 Jun 2006