Lenovo enters mini-laptop fray

Lenovo's ultra-small laptops to hit the shelfs this autumn
05 Aug 2008

Dell tackles lost laptops

Dell to offer new services to recover or wipe lost laptops
29 Jul 2008

Asus ships Eee PC 1000

Latest model of ultra-small laptops now available
21 Jul 2008

New Asus models set for UK release

Asus Eee PC 901, 1000 and 1000h to hit UK shelves in July
13 Jun 2008

Xerox eases laptop printing woes

Xerox does away with having to install multiple drivers for printing
12 Jun 2008

HP expands business laptop lines

HP freshens up business laptop range and adds eye-catching consumer models
11 Jun 2008

Motorola adds 3G and sat-nav to rugged PDA

MC75 aims to be the complete toolkit for the mobile worker
09 Jun 2008

More vendors jump on mini bandwagon

Asus and Acer unveil new mini laptops
06 Jun 2008

Do minis suit mobile staff?

IT departments must prepare for the inevitable as mini laptops become popular among staff
06 Jun 2008

Review: smartphone points users in right direction

HP’s latest smartphone boasts satellite navigation capabilities, but battery life is limited
02 May 2008

Toshiba updates Portégé range

Toshiba adds 128GB Flash drive to thin-and-light laptop range
25 Apr 2008

More mini laptops unveiled

NEC and Asus line up new models
15 Apr 2008

PC shipments to rise 11 per cent in 2008

Mobile devices are driving sales but economic problems may hinder growth, says Gartner
25 Mar 2008

£150 Classmate laptops to ship in Europe

Intel-designed low-cost portable computer will be manufacturered for European buyers
20 Mar 2008

Review: HP means business with its latest iPaq

The iPaq 214 handheld from HP features a larger than average screen and a management agent
14 Mar 2008

Ongoing slide in handheld demand

Sixteenth consecutive quarter of falling demand as mobiles take a chunk out of the market
12 Feb 2008

Gates outlines vision for future

Technological progress so far is just the beginning, says the Microsoft chairman
07 Feb 2008

Apple’s MacBook Air a mixed bag

New laptop launched at Macworld, but will it win over IT managers?
16 Jan 2008

Competitive edge computing for SMBs part 4: Reliability

The business gains promised by mobile working can quickly evaporate if laptops prove unreliable beyond the haven of the office
14 Dec 2007

Satnav to include tour guide

Software to include information on nearby heritage attractions
04 Dec 2007

Laptop PCs are here to stay

Smartphones may be eating into laptop sales, but there is no real substitute for a full-on mobile PC
26 Nov 2007

A laptop for every child

Nicholas Negroponte explains why his One Laptop per Child project will help to educate those who need it most
22 Nov 2007

PDAs increase productivity of mobile utility engineers

Handhelds help cut down on unnecessary driving, says United Utilities
25 Oct 2007

PDAs back in favour with enterprises

Renewed interest in enterprise mobility has spawned a new generation of Pocket PC-style PDAs
15 Oct 2007