Mobile phones

Malware writers move in for the mobile kill

Mobile security resembles PC security in its early days, warns McAfee’s Jason Brown at the Computing IT Leaders’ Forum
27 Sep 2013

BlackBerry accepts $4.7bn bid from consortium led by largest shareholder

Blackberry Z30 with 5in display and Blackberry 10.2 OS
As expected, Toronto-based Fairfax leads bid to take struggling smartphone maker private
24 Sep 2013

Hackers crack Apple iPhone 5S with warning that biometrics are 'inherently insecure'

Chaos Computer Club posts video of iPhone 5S breach to claim $13,000 reward for cracking Apple's security
23 Sep 2013

Hackers offered cash prize for cracking iPhone 5S fingerprint security

#istouchidhackedyet challenges hackers to lift fingerprints from phone 'like from a beer mug'
20 Sep 2013

Ballmer sees Microsoft's 'almost no share' of mobile as an opportunity

Microsoft CEO tells analysts of regret for focusing on Windows Vista when he should have been focusing on mobile
20 Sep 2013

Apple iOS 7.0 'doesn’t address dangers' in risky apps, says Veracode

'Details are thin on the ground' for new security features in mobile OS update, says senior security architect
19 Sep 2013

Getting touchy-feely with the Fairphone

Computing checks out a prototype of the new crowd-funded ethically sourced smartphone
19 Sep 2013

BlackBerry unveils flagship Z30 five-inch screen device with stereo speakers

New antenna will offer better reception, a bigger battery and 4G - in addition to the large screen
18 Sep 2013

Driven towards simplicity: Computing meets Ferrari CIO Vittorio Boero

Ferrari CIO Vittorio Boero tells Danny Palmer how he’s simplifying IT infrastructure and solutions at the iconic car manufacturer and why he decided to drop SAP ERP
18 Sep 2013

Nokia and Microsoft: the odd couple

When Microsoft announced plans to buy Nokia’s devices business it was an almost inevitable culmination of a deal hammered out between Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop. But for Microsoft the deal is fraught with risk
16 Sep 2013

Did Microsoft acquire Nokia to stop it switching to Android?

Insiders suggest that a move by Nokia to Google was only a matter of time, with Windows Phone licence due to run out in 2014
16 Sep 2013

Backbytes: How an army of pen-pushers brought Nokia to its knees

Nokia started to seize up from bureaucratic sclerosis 10 years ago, says Finnish journalist Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen
16 Sep 2013

BlackBerry bidders only interested in part, not all, of company - report

Tepid interest from private equity and other firms
16 Sep 2013

Backbytes: What's the difference between an iPod and an iPhone?

About £300 and not much else
13 Sep 2013

Apple unveils first-ever 64-bit smartphone - but no new budget iPhone

Apple iPhone 5 retired early, while 64-bit iPhone 5S becomes Apple's flagship iPhone.
10 Sep 2013

BlackBerry's biggest shareholder, and one other bidder, in the running to buy the company

Fairfax and one other unnamed potential buyer considering bids for BlackBerry
10 Sep 2013

Android will soon have 90 per cent of smartphone market, says Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall

Linux advocate claims Apple is making the same mistake it did with desktops
06 Sep 2013

Samsung Gear smartwatch unveiled at IFA Berlin

New smartwatch requires pairing with Samsung smartphone such as new Note 3, also unveiled at IFA
04 Sep 2013

Apple invites sent for US and Chinese launch events

Event invite suggests colours to play a part in launch of new iPhone model or models
04 Sep 2013

Microsoft to acquire Nokia mobile business and patents for £4.6bn

'It’s a bold step into the future' says Ballmer
03 Sep 2013

BlackBerry could find success as 'niche' player, says director

Bert Nordberg believes BlackBerry's unique selling points can still attract customers to the firm
02 Sep 2013

Top 10 Ballmerisms: Ballmer in his own words

'There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance'
30 Aug 2013

Morgan Stanley delaying BlackBerry refresh - report

Investment bank fears for long term support of BB10, according to Bloomberg
29 Aug 2013

Review: BlackBerry Q5

Is BlackBerry's mid-price QWERTY phone a budget dream or just another nail in the BB10 coffin?
29 Aug 2013