Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite: Review

In the past year, the price of solid-state discs has halved, and more and more laptops are emerging with SSDs instead of hard disk drives. But at £600 is it finally time to throw away the clunky old Toshiba and replace it with something new? Graeme Burton examines the new Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite
22 Oct 2013

Dell targets enterprise users with new laptops, tablets and hybrids

We take the firm's new XPS laptops and Venue tablets for a spin
02 Oct 2013

The home computing era: From conception to consumerisation

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Apple's iPhones and iPads have led the era of consumerisation, but their adoption would not have been possible without the advent of the home computing era which began in earnest in the early 1980s.
30 Sep 2013

Review: Gigabyte U2442F ultrabook

The Gigabyte U2442F comes from a company better known for its motherboards. But is this pricey “Ultrabook” worth the £999 that it is asking? Graeme Burton investigates
27 Sep 2013

There’s life in the old PC yet

Some tablets may become obsolete long before laptops and desktop PCs bite the dust, writes John Leonard
17 Sep 2013

Tablets 'will never exceed 30 per cent of PC market' says Nolan Bushnell

Atari founder tells Computing that desktop and laptop PCs unlikely to be eclipsed by tablets
06 Sep 2013

Microsoft still has 'a way to go' in determining its market for Windows 8, says Network Rail

'We will embrace Windows 8 where it makes sense to do so' says IS head Goodman
30 Jul 2013

Top 10 ways to keep your computer cool as the UK heats up

Having random crashes or other PC problems in the heat wave? Try our top cooling tips
18 Jul 2013

Dell or Icahn: Which of Dell’s buyout offers makes the most sense for shareholders?

The sooner the uncertainty over the firm's future direction is over, the better
12 Jul 2013

Samsung reveals Ativ Q: a tablet that runs both Windows 8 and Android

Company responds to dual OS trend kicked off by Asus
21 Jun 2013

Top 10 PC, mobile and tablet stories of 2013 so far

The definitive breakdown of this year's hottest topics in the world of PC, laptop, mobile and tablet
21 Jun 2013

PC shipments in decline but only 2 per cent replacing with tablets

Users increasingly moving towards mobile devices says IDC, but Computing's own research suggests desktops are far from dead
29 May 2013

Influence: Client refresh

This documentary explores the various options open to firms refreshing their client estates this year, including desktops, laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones and desktop virtualisation
01 May 2013

Essex County Council seeks bidders for IT hardware contract

Council procuring on behalf of other public sector bodies for provision of mobiles, tablets, laptops and servers
22 Apr 2013

IDC says PC market hitting limits of growth, but Computing research begs to differ

75 per cent of Computing readers plan to buy laptops or desktops for staff in 2013 or 2014
11 Mar 2013

Case study: Windows 8 answers BT’s efficiency call

BT’s Peter Scott gives Danny Palmer the inside story behind the company’s decision to equip 6,000 Openreach engineers with Windows 8 mobile computers
21 Feb 2013

Surface Pro 'won’t make a dent' says ex-Microsoft SVP

'Microsoft and hardware – when have they ever been successful?' asks Joachim Kempin
13 Feb 2013

Review: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch

Computing gets its hands on the new touchscreen Ultrabook from Lenovo, and puts it through its paces with the enterprise user in mind
08 Feb 2013

Analysis: PC makers need to shape up or ship out

With only one of the world’s top five PC makers enjoying rising sales, Sooraj Shah asks what the sector can do to revive its fortunes
07 Feb 2013

Lenovo overtakes Acer’s EMEA PC sales but HP remains top

Chinese PC maker bucks trend of decline in PC sales
18 Jan 2013

PC sales fall six per cent in fourth quarter – first fall since global financial crisis

Windows 8 puts off more PC buyers than it entices
11 Jan 2013

Netbook dies as Asus and Acer end production

Mini-laptop craze lasted barely five years. Tablets to blame?
02 Jan 2013

Ballmer bounce fails to materialise as PC sales drop

Lack of sales boost from Windows 8 suggests that Microsoft's power is waning
30 Nov 2012

NHS Trust issues tender of up to £100m for IT hardware

Hardware to include tablets and desktops
26 Nov 2012