Apple's new iPad Mini Retina displays are 'not ready'

Gold coloured iPad mini
Delays may force Apple to postpone launch until next year, or sell a limited supply in 2013
02 Oct 2013

Microsoft hints room-size projector technology for next Xbox

IllumiRoom lets graphical effects escape television
30 Apr 2013

Apple patents wraparound smartphone screen technology

'Transparent housing and flexible display assembly' may feature in company’s next devices
02 Apr 2013

More Google Glass details revealed in new video

Video chat, voice control and AR overlays all present and correct
22 Feb 2013

H4cked Off: The smartphone is dead

Will the mobile phone be replaced by something a bit bigger but a lot more sensible? Peter Gothard thinks so
29 Nov 2012

Microsoft announces acquisition of multitouch display company Perceptive Pixel

Acquisition suggests a solid business focus for Microsoft's tablet strategy, as it pulls in workplace touch technology
09 Jul 2012

Review: Apple Thunderbolt Display

Display becomes plug-and-play for MacBook systems using Thunderbolt connection
08 Nov 2011

Blurred vision

22 Jun 2011

Review: LG Electronics' E1910P monitor

An inexpensive, basic business monitor that does exactly what it says on the tin
12 May 2011

On the Surface, this looks good

15 Apr 2011

NEC MultiSync EA192M LCD monitor review

Good business monitor from past masters in this market sector
04 Mar 2011

Waitrose overhauls its in-store pricing system

New solution can relay prices and product information to digital signs, mobile phones and social media sites
31 Jan 2011

Cisco IPTV screens to boost Millennium Stadium profits

Exclusive digital content and advertising shown on video over IP system to tempt rugby fans out of Cardiff pubs in 2011
06 Jan 2011

NEC E231W monitor review

NEC touts impressive eco credentials with office-oriented display
25 Oct 2010