Chips and components

IBM and 3M set to develop 'silicon skyscrapers'

Skyscrapers and a cloudy sky
The new 3D microprocessors will be 1,000 times more powerful than current alternatives
09 Sep 2011

Tech developer Plastic Logic heads back to Cambridge

The company had left Cambridge for Silicon Valley in the 1980s
07 Sep 2011

Nanotechnology and AI: a lethal mix

01 Sep 2011

XXX processor

24 Aug 2011

Foot-long strap-ons

23 Aug 2011

Crash Podcast - HP's big news and IBM's brain chips

Tech Talk has been rebranded as 'Crash', but still covers the week's top IT news stories with lively debate and banter
19 Aug 2011

Slavish response to IBM innovation

19 Aug 2011

IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain

Could spawn "cognitive computers" that will be able to learn and remember
18 Aug 2011

PC microprocessor market remains stable

IDC's research into the microprocessor market finds that all is well
04 Aug 2011

Science body reveals how it manages big data

The Science and Technology Facilities Council processes 10TB of data each day from the Large Hadron Collider
26 Jul 2011

HP sues Oracle over support for Intel Itanium processor

Tech giants share more than 140,000 customers
16 Jun 2011

Intel unveils Ultrabooks at Computex

Ultra-thin, touch-screen netbooks will hit the market later this year priced around £600
01 Jun 2011

Researchers boost multi-core chip power by 40 per cent

Scientists in US develop tools to beef up multi-core chip performance
26 May 2011

Sony expects huge net loss after earthquake and PSN hack

The electronics company expects to post losses of £1.97bn
23 May 2011

Tech Talk 29 - IT News and Debate

Join Tech Talk for a roundup of the week's top IT news stories
06 May 2011

Unusually strong first quarter for microprocessor shipments

Outlook for the rest of the year looks decent, says IDC
06 May 2011

Intel Tri-Gate brings new dimension to transistor technology

New transistors for 22nm chips promise 'unprecedented combination of power savings and performance gains'
05 May 2011

Researchers discover alternative to cryptography

Method involves hiding information 'in plain sight'
27 Apr 2011

Microsoft to demonstrate Samsung chips at technology centre

If pilot is successful the trial will be rolled out internationally
25 Apr 2011

Server refreshes can slash energy bills, says Intel

Chip giant says IT chiefs should act now ahead of new EU rules
21 Apr 2011

Seagate gets its hands on Samsung's hard disk business

Seagate pays £843m for Samsung's hard disk drive business and a strategic relationship with the giant
19 Apr 2011

Will Intel loosen ARM's grip on the tablet market?

18 Apr 2011

Microsoft to reduce datacentre PUE to 1.25 within 24 months

The giant has created modular datacentres and designed a new motherboard to help it go green
18 Apr 2011

CIO Green Forum 2011 turns (low-energy) spotlight on green tech

Exploring efficient use of technology in business
13 Apr 2011