Chips and components

Contactless payment on Tube delayed until late 2013

A London Underground sign by TfL
No 'Wave and Pay' on the Tube until the end of 2013, as TfL misses its contactless payment pledge by a year
25 May 2012

Micron in negotiations to acquire Elpida

Micron logo
US memory chip maker to buy distressed Japanese rival
11 May 2012

Intel's hybrid ultrabooks offer hope for the PC brigade

Intel’s new concept – dubbed Cove Point – promises to combine the usability of a tablet with the performance and manageability of a business laptop. Does the device represent the last chance for the PC market?
09 May 2012

Moore's law has just 10 years left, says top physicist

Moore's law to 'collapse' in the next decade, predicts Michio Kaku
02 May 2012

AMD sees low-power low-cost datacentres for cloud providers

Opteron 3200 server chip launched at desktop prices
20 Mar 2012

IBM claims quantum computing breakthroughs

Advances could make quantum computing a practical reality within 10 years
28 Feb 2012

Intel delays Ivy Bridge processor

Follows low take-up of current Sandy Bridge chip
16 Feb 2012

Government looks to set up £4bn hardware framework

The agreement will cover government departments, the BBC, the Royal Mail Group, the Met Office and NHS bodies
06 Feb 2012

Big crowds not matched by big news at CES 2012

Industry's top names offer little in the way of breakthrough announcements
12 Jan 2012

SAP CIO predicts in-memory HANA will replace relational databases

But will companies still retain an archived disk?
23 Nov 2011

Researchers develop chips that can learn

New computer chip mimics how the brain’s neurons adapt in response to new information
18 Nov 2011

Intel unveils advanced BI solutions

The multinational chip maker expects to deliver up to £6.3m in value every six months through advanced BI
18 Nov 2011

Dell and HP launch Opteron 6200 Series servers

IBM, Acer and Cray also announce new systems featuring AMD's latest high-performance processor
14 Nov 2011

Dell exec says costly software migrations may hold back ARM 64-bit chips

ARM is aiming to break into the x86 server market
14 Nov 2011

AMD launches 16-core server chips

Intel server chip rival officially launches Interlagos-based processors
14 Nov 2011

AMD announces 10 per cent cut to global workforce

It expects redundancies to save £73m in 2012
04 Nov 2011

ARM to elbow its way into desktop and server markets

UK firm's ARMv8 64-bit design to challenge Intel and AMD
04 Nov 2011

ARM takes on Intel in 64-bit chip market

It is likely Windows 8 will support ARM chips as a result
28 Oct 2011

Crash Podcast - Government's saving plans, mass malware and ARM

This week we discuss the government's strategy to save £1.4bn using IT, a new mass SQL injection malware attack, and a new server operating system designed to work with ARM chips
21 Oct 2011

Modular datacentres from HP boost R&D at Airbus

So-called PODs were up and running just four months after HP took the order
29 Sep 2011

Intel Developer Forum roundup

Google, McAfee and Microsoft shared the stage with other industry giants at this year's Intel Developer Forum
16 Sep 2011

Opinion: Mixing silicon and grey matter is a mad idea

If a chip can mimic the human brain, would it not also be susceptible to human error?
13 Sep 2011

Intel and Microsoft developers gather as rivals turn up heat in crucial mobile market

Premier developer events in the US are critical to Microsoft's war with Apple and Google, and Intel's battle with ARM
12 Sep 2011

Crash Podcast - Sony's security and Microsoft and Intel's conferences

This week we discuss Sony's appointment of a new chief information security officer, and the Microsoft and Intel conferences in the US next week
09 Sep 2011