Report: Public sector scrimps on data recovery

Concept image of data backup with life preserving floating on background of binary data
A significant number of public sector organisations could suffer downtime as a result
25 Mar 2011

De-mystifying virtualisation database concerns

IBM datacentre System i5
This Computing web seminar will look at the issues to consider when virtualising databases and provide advice on various ways to approach the task
18 Mar 2011

Bet365 improves real-time betting offering with private cloud

Gambling sector still attracts interest
Latency has been reduced to less than two seconds
17 Mar 2011

Apple first to use new Intel Thunderbolt

Data transfer technology doubles USB 3.0 speeds
25 Feb 2011

The Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011

Computing attends the Gartner summit, to bring you the latest news and trends for the global leaders of BI
01 Feb 2011

Oracle takes tape capacity and speed to new extremes

New 5TB T10000C cartridge enables exabyte libraries
01 Feb 2011

Tools of the shade

11 Jan 2011

Mobile market slows but smartphones boom, says analyst

Growth fell to 13 per cent in the third quarter, down from 16 per cent in the first half of 2010
29 Oct 2010

Remind me – Why do I need a smartphone?

Paying for a tablet PC and a smartphone seems like technology overkill
20 Oct 2010

Most businesses lack tools to meet their carbon commitments

The CRC scheme requires major energy users to monitor their environmental impact
29 Sep 2010

Free-to-air internet TV service coming to a screen near you next year

YouView 'combines the best TV with on-demand services and internet content'
17 Sep 2010

IBM Start event aims at a sustainable future

IBM Start continues with a series of keynotes and debates around smart analytics and sustainability
15 Sep 2010

NHS trusts to implement smart bleepers

Two NHS trusts have signed deals with iBleep for its intelligent GPRS/Wi-Fi bleeping service
07 Sep 2010

Genuinely intuitive technology is years away

If the aim of technology is to simplify our lives, then it has failed
07 Sep 2010

Atomic Weapons Establishment buys supercomputer

AWE chooses Bull supercomputer to run very large projects
25 Aug 2010

Western European PC market growing, says Gartner

UK market is weak as a result of austerity measures
25 Aug 2010

Dell results up amid good figures across the industry

Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo have all posted strong financial results showing increased revenue over the past year
20 Aug 2010

MoD mandarin voices concerns over cyber security

But department is getting better at protecting its data
12 Aug 2010

BBC looking to implement Power over Ethernet

This will reduce energy usage and improve the ease of use of some office equipment
04 Aug 2010

Leicester City councillor defends decision to buy iPad

Council reported to be considering iPad purchase while culling 1,000 staff
04 Aug 2010

Wall-E lands Swindon-based pharmacy job

NHS Trust recruits two robots to dispense drugs
02 Aug 2010

BBC and Army choose the iPad

Apple's sales set to increase further with the BBC and British Army using the iPad
02 Aug 2010

Worldwide PC shipments up 21 per cent

Figures higher than expected, says Gartner
15 Jul 2010

Could Cisco's Cius end headaches for the IT team?

Possibly, but only if your company is a heavy Cisco user already
07 Jul 2010