Science and Technology Council to invest £21.5m in high-performance computing

Facebook's Open Compute server racks at its datacentre in Prineville Oregon (Photo by Alan Brandt)
Move is part of a £145m government drive to boost innovation
09 Nov 2011

Putting a value on big data is key to getting CEOs on board

Champions of big data need to appeal to business leaders' 'balance sheet mentality'
08 Nov 2011

Most enterprises lack resources to exploit big data, argues IT leader

Big data concept
Oracle debates with Yodel CIO over how to integrate big data
04 Nov 2011

Roundtable: Computing to host debate on big data

We examine how to harness the data held by organisations and how to deliver business value
02 Nov 2011

Telecoms World Conference: Standards for cloud computing predicted to change the vendor landscape in 2012

Huawei director Ron Raffensperger says vendor resistance to standards is futile
25 Oct 2011

IBM buys Platform Computing

High performance computing has caught the attention of all the major vendors
14 Oct 2011

AOL boasts new staff-free datacentre – but will it catch on?

The staff-free datacentre was built in 90 days using open source technology
13 Oct 2011

Data warehouse switchover pays off for Morgan Stanley

IT chief reveals how firm used parallel simulation to minimise risk
06 Oct 2011

eBay exec urges Hadoop community to get more focused

The online marketplace uses the Apache software to process CPU-intensive data
05 Oct 2011

Intel Developer Forum roundup

Google, McAfee and Microsoft shared the stage with other industry giants at this year's Intel Developer Forum
16 Sep 2011

Bank of England selects EMC for £1m storage area network

The network must be able to store up to 900TB of data
16 Sep 2011

BAE Systems develops invisibility cloak

The cloak will make tanks and other combat machines invisible to enemies
06 Sep 2011

British Gas begins next-gen smart meter rollout

New smart meters have a touch screen and enable greater control over energy use, says utility company
01 Sep 2011

VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas kicks off today

Event will show IT leaders how to get the best out of the vSphere 5 virtualisation platform
29 Aug 2011

Case study: Medical college transforms IT infrastructure

The Royal College of General Practitioners boosts IT resilience by virtualising its servers and investing in a new disaster recovery solution
17 Aug 2011

Oracle to recruit 1,700 staff across EMEA

Campaign will use Twitter and Facebook to find potential candidates
10 Aug 2011

IBM and NCSA abandon plans for petaflop-speed computer

Four-year Blue Waters contract worth $208m has been terminated
09 Aug 2011

Tech Talk 39 - Anonymous, iPads and Business Assurance

This week Computing is joined by Raj Samani, EMEA CTO for McAfee, to discuss the week's top IT news stories
22 Jul 2011

ITV to replace PCs with Macs across the business

The broadcaster will also migrate to Google Apps as part of a five-year transformation programme
21 Jul 2011

Fluke Networks updates its Time Machine troubleshooter

Appliance can instantly distinguish between network and server problems
12 Jul 2011

First look: Fluke Networks' OptiView XG

Network troubleshooter checks line-rate 10Gbit/s connections
08 Jul 2011

Oracle unveils virtual desktop app for the iPad

The app supports Oracle’s Siebel CRM
07 Jul 2011

Our technology can deliver a 100-fold app performance boost, brags Oracle

Software giant outlines how acquisition of Pillar Data Systems fits with company strategy
01 Jul 2011

Cloud World Forum: Dell outlines its controversial cloud strategy

No legacy and lots of cash will help the company compete
23 Jun 2011